What other speakers are like/similar to Ruarks?

Anyone out there know what speakers I can find in the US that give the same quality of sound as Ruark speakers of the UK.
I REALLY like the Ruark sound and have connected with it..
They are very hard to find though :^(

Thanks for any comments!
I love the Ruarks also. Have you tried the ATC or Acoustic Energy monitors? You really didn't state monitors or floorstanders.
Hi, I would go with small and easy to place floor standers or a good monitor too.(I run a REL sub)
I have a pair of beat up Ruark Templar's and they are indeed special, but they are supposed to be a budget tower from Ruark.
I want to move up the ladder. But there's nothing around. What's the ATC sound like?

One thing I like about the Templars is they scream with my T amp. What cool speakers...Their tone and the way they separated out instruments is delightful. Musical with a capitol M.
Had a few Castle monitors, and while good, with a vey nice midrange, they all seemed rolled off and not very dynamic. The Ruarks are extended and very dynamic, yet the mid is perfect and beguiling. Thanks for the recommend though, I have not heard the Castle towers, they may be a different story.
Phasecorrect,I've had the Rega RS-1 bookshelve speakers,I liked them quite a lot, but ultimately they were too lean for my tastes.
I would recommend them, they're good.

I know Epos are suppose to be great, but I hear they are fussy with placement, and in my 11x22 room, they were not a good option because of placement concerns on the long wall.

I've never heard Proac, I would like to, I wonder what their traits are?.. I had some Spendors, they had a very nice mid, the model I had was too small and lacked dynamics, I bet there larger models are pretty awesome...I picked up some Jean Marie Reynaud Twin Signature edition speaks and I am enjoying what they bring to the table, They are VERY interesting speakers in build and sonics, sweet! They are music first, hifi second, a nice balance.
Hi... not sure if you're still looking, but I have a pair of Ruark CL-20s and matching CL-15 center. I love the speakers but I'm considering going active. I would consider selling but do not know what the fair market value is currently.