What mixes with Transparent Ultra Xl Speaker Cable

I have a single ended pair and want to biwire to ML Aerius'.
I'm trying a radio shack Mega pair on the top end for now.
Any thoughts on brand and/or where to put (top/bottom)?
It does sound a little better (I think).

I can't get Ultra bi-cable at this time (ideal I guess).
Excellent cable! Id run that to the panel to get the best out of it. For the woofer, You could use the Transparent Super or a run of Analysis Plus Oval 9. Very nice sounding cable.-Ken :)
I'd run it straight to the speaker and use the stock jumpers or get some transparent jumpers. You could possibly have the cable converted to bi-wire by Transparent?
Get the transparent jumpers which makes it equivelent to bi-wire cable (not bi-cable). Make sure to clean all connections as this will make a difference if you haven't done so before. Deoxit, or another cleaner.

Connect the Transparent to the top bindings spades, and then plug the banana jumpers(since you can't probably fit two spades under a binding post) into the top bindings and use the spades on the bottom binding post.
Do what Cytocycle suggests. Transparent's recommendation is that it's better to have a high-quality single cable with jumpers than use lesser cables for bi-wire. My previous experience has borne this out.

OTOH, if you can afford to go the Bi-Cable route at or above the level you're at now (i.e. Ultra w/XL or better), do it.
Transparent will reterminate to bi-wire. I had this done to my supers a couple of years ago - $225 if I remember right, and it took about a week.
I also have ML's - SL3's front, Aerius i's rear. Would use as a single cable with jumpers until you bi-wire.
For the cost of reterminating an ultra cable I think you would be better off getting a set of used Supers and putting them on the bottom run. Some of the decision will be dependent upon your speakers. For some speakers (like mine-B&W 802N) bi-wiring was a more dramatic improvement than I thought it would be. For other speakers it doesn't seem to make that big of an impact. If this is your case then I would do what others have suggested... get the transparent jumpers or another high quality set.
Bwyoung, Transparent strongly recommends AGAINST using two separate cables for bi-wiring as you suggest. They say the networks can interact in unpredictable ways and affect the sound.

At one point I tried a bi-wire with MW Super on the top and MW on the bottom on some Maggie 3.5s; found that the sound was better with just the Super and jumpers.

Rex, I was unaware of Transparent's suggestion. Probably is best to do what they say. However, my conclusions were arrived at by trial and error with Super, Ultra, and Reference cable experimentations (all with the xl technology). I had no trouble with any of the combinations and now run reference on top and ultra on bottom. IN FACT, I owned and ran the reference for about a year with jumpers before adding the ultras to the bottom end. On the B&Ws it was a big improvement. One of the biggest I've experienced in my cabling experiments.