What is your front end ?

What is your front end  is it T/T , CD, R to R, Cassette deck, Streaming , Internet Radio , or portable devices such as mp3 players iPod etc, if you have all of those which you enjoy most ?


Main system=
1) Technics SL-Q3

2) VPI HW-40

3) Sony XDR from XDR guy

4) Sonic Frontiers CD Transport to whatever DAC happens to be in the rotation. Now it’s the Van Alstine latest and greatest unit. 

The radio probably gets the most mileage. Cd transport second. 

My new Eversolo DMP-A6 streamer for general listening and my Marantz SA-7S3 when it is time to engage. That player still gives me goosebumps.

I really should do a system page like so many others…

  • Linn LP12 Valhalla with M&K Rabco and Hana 
  • CJ Premier 6 MC pre-preamp
  • California Audio Labs Auria CD player 
  • Bluesound Node2i into Border Patrol DAC
  • ARC SP11 MkII preamp 

All “vintage” except the 2i and DAC but it sounds pretty good!

Happy listening. 

@noromance  I like your humor ! I was a journalist I've got shot in middle east 3 of my colleagues died ,   miraculously I've survived , spend 18 months in the hospitals, psychologically I was  drained but Thanks to close friends and my girl friend Alison I've overcome  challenges , both mentally and physically, life is so precious, we do not appreciate it . somehow we spend %90 of our time to problems and %10 of it to solutions if we reverse the scenario we get better results as long as we maintain POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE getting up every morning it is  like a lottery. Most of you guys have outstanding equipment and primary front end Streamers and T/T Takes second place which is not surprising at all .


@larsman Thanks I  appreciate your suggestion but it is bit late now however I  was just curious how many music lovers /audiophiles first choice of front end.

naturally Due to technology convenience and massive choice of Artist/ albums Streaming is first choice of many audiophiles, during the 1980's many people abandoned their lp's to cd, , That allowed me to buy LP's from Car boot sales / flea markets next to nothing some the lp's I  bought during that time they were unopened even Japanese pressing lp's too. I  bet most of the audiophiles got ipod somewhere in their home perhaps collecting dust , nowadays ipod transports either wadia  or onkyo sells around $ 80  just try it see if it is floats your boat. nothing ventured nothing gain frankly I  prefer to my aurender n100 and mckintosh d-150 dac combination