What is the Current Guidance on Stereo and AV Configurations


I would really appreciate anyone's guidance and council on as to how you have your stereo and AV setups configured. I am particularly looking at the options from Primare as they seem to have a solution that can fit both use cases in a single system (SP25 Prisma + a35.8).

I have two primary questions:

  1. Knowing that perfection is never going to be achieved, can a single configuration be damned good enough for both use cases?
  2. How much of a difference does a center channel make for video?


My needs are best summed up as follows:

  • 80/20 use split (80 video (mostly streamed) and 20 music).
  • Currently running a NAIM integrated amp, paired with Vienna Acoustic speakers (simple, minimal and I like the sound, and the look, a lot).
  • My room space is open-plan, concrete floors and two walls of glass (yup -not exactly idea) and room treatment is going to be minimal. The two of us like the minimalist aesthetic.
  • IF the center channel makes enough difference I would like to flip between 2.0 (audio) and 3.0 (video) configurations.


Thank you.


Soix, it's just the two of us so we're generally should be okay. We have however found that the mix is such that music significantly impairs the vocals. I take your point about the subwoofer but it may be a step too far for the aesthetics.


Pynkfloydd, yup, I'm using ARC into the NAIM today and that's my preferred choice moving forward. It's why the Prisma caught my eye. As for speakers, yes, we're open to upgrading them in time. Blade 2s are very, very pretty. 😏

We have however found that the mix is such that music significantly impairs the vocals.

I assume you mean that during movies the dialogue gets obscured?  If that’s the case then a center speaker could probably help.  If you’re looking at only a 3.0 system why are you looking at an 8-channel amplifier???  What specific speakers do you have, and does the Naim have a home theater bypass input?

We went a different way.  We replaced our rarely used 6.2 surround setup that used stereo bypass with a Sony HT A9 SW5 Dolby Atmos setup that's surprisingly good for music via Roon from the Nucleus.  We installed a KEF LS60 with a pair of KC62 subs in our living room. 

we are a high end custom installer and high end two channel dealer

yes you need a center channel 


yes you can have one system that does both

we sell primare, audio control and trinov and naim and kef 

if music is really important you have a number of options

high end integrated with or without dac combined with a surround receiver or processor

a high end pre/pro and amplifier the Primare gear is superb

Dave and Troy

Audio intellect NJ

home theater and music specialists

Yes. The AV/2Ch set up can be excellent.

If you need a great AV processor, I'd look into a gently used Classe SSP-800 on EBay. They go for around $1.5k-$2k and they cannot be beat. I have one!

For a center speaker, see if you can find a used JM Lab/Focal Mini Utopia. 

Good luck!