What can I do to upgrade

My system

1. Vandy 2Ce's, VCC1, VSM's, Hsu VTF 2 subwoofer

2. Source Toshiba DVD player

3. Receiver Arcam AVR 200, biamped with Arcam Alpha 8

4. Cables, speaker cables, fronts Audioquest Type 4, rears cheap Rat Shack Cables

No AC right now.

I am ok with system but want to see how I can improve it overall.

Listening room is a 13' x 17' room with a wide opening to the left 7ft wide or so to the kitchen.

I'd suggest starting with the installation of two dedicated circuits and the AC outlets that Albert Porter sells on Audiogon.

Is this a HT system, or audio only? If HT, what video display do you have and are you interested in upgrading that?

Well I was in the same boat, depends what you want to spend.

1 I would change the source to a better cd and use rca innerconects.

2 Add a 2w or 2wq that will tighen the bass and give you more control over it also naturally bi amp the speakers
I have decent interconnects (not sure of brand but will post tomorrow), they are some audiophile brand.

In terms of spending, would like to start with biggest bang for the buck items,

Thinking of doing a DIY AC conditioner with the Jon Risch design


It is a HT system, TV is a 36" Toshiba and I will upgrade this but want to get the sound portion first as 60% -70%for music.
If music is the priority I would recommend an upgrade to the source first. I am not sure of your budget, but maybe a used Jolida 100. I have gone through a similar process of going from a system originally designed for HT to one more for music.