What Are your impressions?

I have been researching different recepticles to up-grade to, up-on the research, I have found that Beryllium copper to be the best available, Now to the question, The Beryllium copper is still plated with either Rhodium or your choice of gold plated, If any, what Is your impressions of the sound between these different platings?, Thankyou community, I look forward to everyone's reply.

Did you see my question on plating in the other thread? (Wall Outlet Oyaide, Furutek, Wattgate, and others). No one attempted to answer it but, I still think it may be relevant to this type of discussion.
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yes I did Zd542, I thought the question was valid, so I would like to know the community's response.
I have been using strictly Furutech receptacles with great results. They are very well built and overall product finish is first rate. I am using the Gold finish on smaller components and Rhodium finish on the power amps.

The main advantages of audiophile grade receptacles are solid mechanical contact and reduced contact resistance of combined receptacle and power plug. These will provide more bass definition when compared to regular receptacles. I've used Walker SST silver compound on all my power plugs to further reduce contact resistance and noise. These 2 tweaks will bring your sound to another level.
Hi Dasign, what exactly is Walker sst silver compound?, years ago, I use to use this gel substance for contacts like speaker spades and etc.., It worked very well, I believe I might have gotten this stuff from Audio-Visor, that was a very long time ago, I recently looked in a couple of Audio-visor catalogs and did not see an item that was like it, cheers.
"Hi Dasign, what exactly is Walker sst silver compound?"

Its a contact cleaner like your gel. Same type of product, but from a different company.
Hi Zd542, Have you used the Walker sst silver compound?, where do you get it?, what are your impressions on this product, or anything like it?
Walker SST(or E-SST) is NOT a cleaner. It is a contact
enhancer. It is intended to be applied after your contact
points have been cleaned, with some other product. Another,
very similar product, that I've had excellent results with:
From Walker's instruction sheet: HOW TO APPLY E-SST/SST:
1) Whether you are putting it on audio and video equipment or something else, the same rules apply. It is best to clean the connections with a contact cleaner that leaves no residue. If the contact is corroded, you can lightly sand or scrape it. Then clean it.
2) Apply a very thin (almost transparent) coat of E-SST to the male end of the connector. I’ve been asked which is the male end. For the uninitiated, the male end of a connector is the part that sticks out....think anatomy! Apply to the male end or to the ring connector or to the end of the spark plug that the plug wire goes to. Remember, very thin. More is not better.

If you get too much, use alcohol or contact cleaner to remove it. Take your time and pay close attention. Use E-SST at their own risk. E-SST is very conductive. If you get it across a connection, you can short out your equipment. When applied properly, you will have no problems. In fact, we guarantee you’ll be satisfied with the results or we will refund the purchase price.
Click on the second link that I listed, for a source of
Walker's products. Or- go direct to the source:
The Xtreme AV Quicksilver Gold is a cryo'd silver contact enhancer with gold content, highly recommended!
Silver and after copper are the most conductive element so using beryllium, rhodium or anything else will alter this conductivity, in a good or a bad way. i guess you should stay simple. i made several try of connectors and the most fluid is still classic copper. Silver tend to be harsh, rhodium throw the frequencies up front...
A 2$ Neutrik connector bested a 250$ pair of WBT but of course it will depend on the flaws of the system...
Ok, It seems Rhodium portrays a forward sound stage, A presatation I do not like, The answer seems to be Gold plated over Beryllium copper would be the best fit for sound that I would like, or pure copper berryllium with no plateing, I was told recently that cryo treated metals sound good with the exception of rolling off the treble, any one hear that exsperience?
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Hi Zd542, Have you used the Walker sst silver compound?, where do you get it?, what are your impressions on this product, or anything like it?"

Sorry, I haven't used it. I just know what it is. If you want to try some, call Cable Co. They have the biggest selection of these type of products.