What are the best headphones for hearing aid users

I wear behind the ear hearing aids as i have lost the upper octave sound over time. I currently have Grado 1000i which are great for comfort and sound with the devices on my ears. I am wondering which other audiophile type phones would work, comfort wise. I am pretty sure sennheisers are large enough but do not know about beyerdynamic, audeze, akg etc. All thoughts would be helpful.
I personally love the Senns. They have large cups, sweet sound, and a comfortable headband. I highly recommend the 600s. You might be sensitive to the high frequencies and don't want to damage your hearing any further.
My AKG 701's are very large over the ears.
Is this for music only or for TV as well? Is you loss even on both sides? Mono can be a huge benefit if your loss is very uneven.
Also, for non-music listening "TV Ears" actually work much better than high end headphones.
Thanks. this is for music only. the hearing loss is very similar on both sides, but the aids work well. I tried the new akg closed back (550?) and the fit was too snug, which causes feedback from the devices.
No you would need the larger 701s or 702s with very forgiving foam i would give give those a try.
You might also want to consider a headphone amp system. Check out Mapletree audio. I think tht's how he spells it. there are many other audio sites that are dedicated to headphones, you should probably check them out. I just can't remember their names at this moment but somebody will chime in I hope. If not I will come back.
I love my headphone amp but the maker turned out to be a scopundrel who ripped a lot of people off! (that is highly unusual)
Don't have to deal with hearing aids (yet-only slight tinnitus at the monent), however I am enjoying the Akg 702's powered with a Little Dot MkIII tube amp. I replaced the stock tubes and the 702's sound wonderful!

The AKG's rest well outside my ears, not touching them, and are so light I forget they are on.

head-fi.org is the go-to site for everything headphones.
They even had a guy do an extensive review on many types of tubes just for Little Dot.

Good Luck!