what amplification are you running with your Dynaudio Heritage Specials?

currently running a Supernait3 but would like to try a few other options, at some point will try an AHB2 (or two)  and an Anthem STR integrated

what are you guys using?


I have the Confidence 20 which are a step above in every aspect in my opinion. I have to agree on Gryphon being an excellent choice but the 300 is well over 20k....too much amp for that speaker in terms of cash.Maybe used with the new model out you could get one for 10k? Or less,don't know.Im using  pass int60...The int 250 is overkill that your speakers ..You can get a used int60 for 6k use it 3 or 4 years and recoup most your investment. ..Pass and Dynaudio have always been musical together. 

It all depends on the room and listening volume, but I wouldn't use the term overkill by any means.  I'd love to see Nelson update their integrated range, and yes to more black models with that blue dial.

I never heard the combo, but had a good customer running his Heritages with a  Sugden A21SE and he absolutely loved the pairing.  

I've been running a Coda integrated for the last 18 months or so, and it's a great combo.  Coda has had a price increase recently, so new will be out of the $5k range but if you can find one used you wont be disappointed.