Website glitch????

Trying to figure out why that Mirage subwoofer has shown up on my "New" page for the last 6 months. Finally opened it to see what the deal is and said sold for $150. Not sure this is advertising as best we can do. I enjoy looking at equipment but when the lead in is for a subwoofer that may have sold for $150 6 months ago, it makes me think that maybe the website is not up to task. Even if it just sold yesterday, I have been viewing this piece as my lead in for the last 6 months if not longer.  Seems odd. Maybe the Mods can look at this.
It’s probably due to Google or Yahoo.  They spy on you when you go to certain sites and will remember what you looked at.  Then they take the data of your web browsing history and sell it to advertisers. Unfortunately, it’s the American way. 

If running Windows, use Adblock.  It blocks 90% of all the annoying ads. It’s free too. 

This often happens to me when I go to some web sites from my phone. It interferes with my work. I had the idea that someone installed a spy app on my phone. I've read here that it's possible and I won't even know about it. I will look for some way to test this and clean my phone.