Want to add vinyl to my system.

Hello all, 

I have an all digital system with a Lumin x1 streamer, Oppo 203, B&W speakers, Classe Sigma SSP, and Mac 611’s.  I want to now add vinyl into my system abd need a new turntable and phono stage.  I have been considering the Rega 8 or 10.  What do you think of the Rega’s, and which phono stage would you recommend?


Agreed. My entire vinyl rig now (Nad C558, Clearaudio Maestro V2, Schiit Mani) costs less than a single Manley Chinook pre. I spend my vinyl money on good vinyl (although I did just send in my Hana SL to be retipped). 

I've come down from a VPI HW19MK4 with a Jelco 750 tonearm and a Hagerman Trumpet pre and truthfully don't notice the difference too much except for noise. But that's all. 

You don't have to spend a lot in vinyl to get sound you love. 

It took a while, but I finally revamped my analog side to at least equal the digital side.  With an expense of about $8000, I got a very decent sounding rig.  Since I have about two thousand records it was worth the expense.

be wary of anyone who tells you what you "must" spend in order to get good sound. I've seen some ridiculous claims to this effect and it's just not accurate.  Vinyl is a blast, I've never considered any of it work, and I have cleaned 2K+ albums with a VPI 16.5 unit.  I guess I just enjoy being around music, whether it is actively listening to a record or reading the liner notes while cleaning an album.  I think digital is great as well, I just don't use it when I'm "actively" (no distractions, phone down, laptop closed, etc) listening. 

Also, when people say "this/that/the other brand is junk" take it with a grain of salt, it's generally because they have some weird axe to grind.

My .02 is this is all quite subjective.

I would compare the relationship of analog audio vs digital to driving stick shift vs automatic or making coffee using a grinder and a chemex vs a keurig pod machine.

In each of these, some would say the manual aspect offers benefits in the process and ultimately in the performance.

I am one of them. To me, manuals are more fun and drive better, pour-over tastes better and analog sounds better, but I fully understand that others will disagree.