Wadia 861 VS Wadia 270 + 27IX VS Wadia 7 + 9

Can anybody describe me the difference between those 3 excellent CD players ?
Wadia 861 VS Wadia 270 + 27IX VS Wadia 7 + 9
Not a lot to say here...other an the 27/270 is about the best you can get...the 861 is a little bit less and the 7/9 just older technology but likely better than anything is it's price range. If you like the Wadia sound, buy the best you can afford...

Do you know the sonic differences between the 3 players?
There is a used 7 and 9 combo here on the site. Is it competitive by today's technology standards ? How about the sonic differences?

I haven't heard the 7/9 in years. So, I really can't compare it. The 27/270 is really about the best their is, just a different presentation than the DCS, Levinson or Accuphase gear. The 861 is absolutely one of the best one box players-competetive with any of the top ones today. Wadia in general is very detailed, great soundstage, great tonal balance-though a very slight roll off on the extreme top end-which I personally like with digital. Unless you have a referce caliber preamp, the Wadia's are usually killer direct to amp.
i owned a mint wadia 7/9,picked it up on a used shelf at a local(now closed)audio store for only 2,900.00--with original boxes,manual & even two remotes-big as a diner plate.brought it home and hooked it up,thought it would be a keeper,thought
i was going nuts when i put a classe cdp.3 up against it,the classe beat it by far.even had two serious audiophile gifted
with musical talents and ears;the two even confirmed i was right.i ended up selling it for only 4200.00,buyer was jumping up & down when he drove up and purchased the 7/9 system.i ended getting a wadia 861,did not like it,sold it
and now using a ref audio research cd8.