Voodoo Power Cords

First a disclaimer. Outside of being a consumer I have nothing to do with Voodoo Cables. I am writing this because there is not a lot of information online about their products so hopefully anyone interested in their cables might find some useful information in my brief write up.
 During the fall ,the Cable Company had a special on Voodoo power cords. I wanted to try something newer on my music server so I purchased an Electra power cord that was being closed out. As soon as I replaced the cord that I was using on my Wolf Audio server I noticed a very nice improvement. More detail, a little deeper bass all the usual improvements that a good upgrade is known for. Intrigued, I purchased the next cable above the Electra which was the Platinum. Both cables were recommended for front end components. I plugged the Platinum into my server and the Electra into my DAC after I listened to the Platinum on the server. Again there was another nice increase in performance for not much more money.
 Recently, the Cable Company started another special on Voodoo power cords so I ordered an Air Spectra and installed it on my music server and placed The Platinum on my DAC and the Electra on my blue ray player. Again , I tried the Air Spectra on my music server before swapping out the other 2 cables. The Air Spectra was an immediate and obvious improvement over the prior two cables.
The Air Spectra really got me serious about the Voodoo cables (much to the detriment of my bank account) so when I saw a demo pair of the Air Phoenix for sale on Audiogon, I purchased them. These cables are also for front end components so first I placed one on my music server for evaluation before placing the other on my preamp. The Air Phoenix is special. As good as the Air Spectra was, the Air Phoenix was a step up.
 Not willing to leave well enough alone ,I purchased a pair of Air Dragons to try on my amps. I tried them first on my solid state mono blocks . There was a slight kick up in performance but not enough to justify the expenditure. When I installed the the Dragons on my tube amps however ,I was very happy with the results. One song I played was London Grammars “Hey Now” . The soundstage was enormous . It was so large that it almost sounded like it was a 5.1 recording. The bass on this recording  literally shook the whole house. On Depeche Mode’s song” Dream On “,there is a sound like someone striking a wood block that is usually outside the speakers but with the Dragons the sound was uncannily just to my right and left at ear level.
Voodoo has a nice chart on their website with power cord usage recommendations and the Air Dragons are recommended for tube amps and the Air Teslas for power amps. So now I will have to save up my money for a pair of the Tesla’s.
My prior power cords and actually I am still using a few of them in my system were midrange cords from Synergistic Research and Shunyata.   They are not the top of the line but none of them were inexpensive.
In summation,  I think Voodoo power cords are an excellent value for the dollar proposition and at their respective price levels ,they outperformed the other cables I was using in my system.  It was very interesting  to hear the improvement each level of cable provided over it’s predecessor. The Cable Company has quite a few Voodoo cables in their library for trial. If you are thinking of trying some new power cords you might want to give Voodoo a try.
Nice write up!How many hours do you generally leave the cords in your system before determining if they are keepers?
With the Voodoo cables it was pretty much immediately except for the Air Dragon & Phonix that needed a little time. 
Thanks for the review, I always enjoy reading about various audio components etc. Nice write up.
Thanks for the kind words jtcf and Lak. Yes Ozzy the Air Dragon and Phoenix are pricey but they are their top cables and I think they can compete with cables costing quite a bit more. If you have a decent digital front end I would try the Air Spectra that the Cable Company has on sale for $1,550  currently. 
Iwin, one of these days I'll give the cable company a call and check out some Voodoo cords and a few others.As I procrastinate my 'sounds intriguing' list grows:)I'm not interested in anything that requires 100s of hours to break in,so thanks for your response:)
Nice review Larry! I really like the Voodoo power cables as well, but man, I can’t play at this level! Can’t wait to hear your latest when I get back out there! I’m sure it’s great!
Great at to hear from you Mark and let me know when you are in the neighborhood. Yes I purchased their top cables but as we both know, you can get excellent performance from their less expensive cables.
Just saw this this thread as I was O/S. 
I have a number VooDoo power cables, one is the Electra.
What % improvement would you estimate the Air Spectra gives over the Electra?
I also have the the Platinum but I have it as a step below the Electra, ie. Platinum, Electra,then Air Phoenix.  Thanks Regards Bruce
@woogie59 I think the Air Spectra is the sweet spot in the Voodoo lineup as you get the most performance for your dollar. I wouldn’t want to put a percentage on the improvement but as good as I found the Electra to be especially for my Wolf Audio server the Air Spectra was noticeably better.  It had more of everything, detail, bass, clearer highs etc.
Neutrality is their forte. They don’t emphasize the bass , treble or midrange. They just get out of the way of the music. As you go up the line you pick up more in the way of details and the sound stage increases. You seldom see them for sale used and for good reason as once they are in your system you will want to keep them.