Von Schweikert VR4 jr in small room, any success?

Has anyone been able to make VS VR4jr's work in a small room? I tried for a year and kind of made them work in a 12' x 12' room.

I now have another small room I'm moving them to. So, I'm going to try again.

If you made it work - any can you give me ideas on placement.
I heard the Vr4jrs at HES 2005 in NYC, and they sounded very good. They had them set up in a unique way. They were on a 45 degree angle to the back wall, so the two walls behind them [back & side] came to a V right in the center between the spkrs. the listening chairs were directly in front of the speakers in a "normal" way. So if sitting in the normal sweet spot, you'd be looking at the corner [ V ] where the two walls came together. I was impressed with their sound, even in the smallish hotel room. Hope this helps. Thanks, Alan
In a square room it's difficult getting any speaker to work well. As I recall the 4jr's aren't particularly fussy about placement. IMHO, the shape of your room was the problem, not its size.
Try the speakers in a near-field listening position; i.e., your listening seat and the two speakers should form an equilateral triangle (ET). The length of each side of the ET can be the distance between the speakers -- your manual should give you some guide on spacing between the two speakers and the distance to place them from the front and side walls. For example, in a 12x12 room, try the speakers 6' apart which would place them 3' from each side wall. The distance from the front wall to the back of the speakers can be chosen based on the bass response -- I'm sure your manual has a suggested min distance from the front wall; use it as a starting guide. I've used this method to good success in my almost square 16.25x16.5 room. Good luck
I have found that mine can be particular and slight changes in placement can have a big effect. I left my points off so I could easily try different spots, toe-in angles, widths, etc. until I got it just right. What else are you using for equipment? How do you have them set-up? What is the issue?
Thanks for all of the responses. All good advise. I'm no longer in the 12' x 12' room. The new room is kind of hard to describe. It's not square just small which should give me better results as Jay pointed out. Thanks Alan, the diagonal set up usually does work best in a small room. I was able to get it set up, but I had a girlfriend at the time - so I had to change it back to a regular setup. Now I don't have the girlfriend so I am more flexible lol

The biggest issue is in the small square room was the brightness which I was able to cure with sound treatment.

Rather than hash out what might work in my new room (which has a shape that is hard to describe - it is an open room to other rooms) = I guess I was just looking for motivation to try it. I've been using my Grado RS-1/RA-1 headphones wondering whether I should set the speakers up or wait until I move in 5 months from now.

Thanks for the motivation.

My VR-4Jr are in the 152" x 280" room.

The rear of the cabinets are parallel with a "toe" to the 152" wall and placed about 30 inches from three walls.

I do not look at the adjustment value of the ambient tweeter, I simply adjust it to taste. Like I adjust the volume control to taste like the amount of cream I add to my coffee for taste...

Typically left and right channel recording levels are not even, so, reffering to a "number" or setting "Q" is not relative to actual SPL.

I suggest to use your ears not a number when listening.
That's is presicely the why many high-end pre-amp manufacturers do not print numbers on the volume control.

Do you have amount of gas into injection levels indicators on your Ducatti? OK. moving on...

The VR-4jr's are very musical, forgiving and revealing at the same time.

If you have speakers for the explicit point of listening to music, a TIVOLI table top will do just fine.

VR4JR. really don't have a "sound" they are simply a natural messenger for quality recordings.

Ryko recordings do not so good with VR-4JR, as result you should love the music on Ryko.

But Ryko recordings are known for music content more so than recording quality. Thus proving my point,the VR-4JRs., are also revealing.

I love them.