Von Schweikert mentioned on TV

Hi guys, I caught an episode of a new TV show the other day and was surprised when they mentioned a real high-end speaker company. Not sure if anyone really cares but I thought it was really cool to see anything High End audio be mentioned on TV now a days. I found the clip on youtube and wanted to share it with you guys. It was a pretty funny show, but not very popular yet.

Party Down on Starz network
Was it the same show that used an Alexi Murdoch song? We all know that only audiophiles know about Alexi Murdoch ;)
I'm not sure if they used her song or not, this was only their fourth episode, so they are fairly new to the block.
Check out the movie, I Love You Man. The Mcintosh stuff, and the vinyl collection was pretty cool in Sidney Fife's pad, played by Jason Segel.
It is really cool, always enjoy seeing gear in the movies. Many..many years ago in the movie Arthur with Dudley Moore they had a pair of bose 901's and believe some Carver amps. Thanks for sharing the movie clip.