Voltmeter for Vandersteen 5a setup


I have the Vandersteen 5A speakers. I need to setup the speakers myself. The manual refers to using a voltmeter to set the volume to 1v AC using the meter and also test to make sure that the crossover is set correctly. Will this meter work? I need to be able to get a reading of 0.707. Can someone recommend an easy budget friendly voltmeter? Amazon has about 100 of them.

They most likely want to apply low frequency 1V sinewave signal (100Hz -1kHz) and measure/set -3dB point. Any voltmeter will do (no need for true RMS).  One recommended by Czarivey is pretty good one.  I have cheaper, non-RMS version for more almost two decades.  On one occasion I checked it against 6-digit Agilent multimeter and it was accurate within displayed resolution.  
I posted on another thread for you, but just get in touch with Johnny Rutan at Audio Connections in Verona, NJ.  It's near NYC> Not sure where you live, but he's the best set up guy for Vandy's other than Richard and he's more than willing to walk you through. He'll even take your call and help you out.  I noticed you were asking about Ayre and Aesthetics on that other thread. Johnny happens to carry both, however I leaned towards the Ayre as have many of us, but either way you are getting a GREAT amp.  To get a dealer to help you tune your system usually costs a bundle and is well worth it.  If you purchase from Johnny, I promise you that he will take whatever time you need and walk you through the process. It's actually quite simple when you do it his way. He's been setting up Vandersteens for well over 26 years.