Voltage question

I recently moved my stereo from one part of my house to another. And since moving it the voltage display on my Monster Power HTS 3600 has been reading 124 volts. How high does it have to get before I risk damage to my stereo?

Thanks for any help with this.

If it goes above 132 volts, that's when problems can occur.

What was the voltage at the previous location? There could be a potential problem in the wiring if you have different voltages among receptacles. The most common cause is a loose neutral at the meter pan. This causes one phase to be hotter than the other since the neutral divides the 240 volts coming in to the house at 120v per phase. If the neutral is loose or broken, the division is no longer even and one phase can carry a greater voltage (between 120 and 240 volts). Have an electrician check it out.

I want to stress that 124 Volts is not in itself a problem (normal; I agree with Fatparrot's post) as long as all the receptacles are close (within a volt or two). If you're looking at a 5 volt or greater difference, then I would have it looked at.
The problem with Monster is that it will pass overvoltages on unlike other surge suppressors that shut down to protect your equipment.
The Monster is not a voltage regulator - its just a filter with some protection.
The issue lies with either the installation as mentioned by GS5556 or most probably the supply from the power grid.

Depending where you live, the voltage can vary and sometimes the tolerances in Fatparrots post are often exceeded (although the utilities will deny this!).

In your case, all voltages you mention are within normal tolerance levels.