Vinyl in Vegas?

Since we seem to be discussing the merits of vinyl shops I would like anybody's opinion on Wax Trax in Las Vegas. Am I the only one that thinks this place is the biggest hose job in the world of vinyl? The guy had tons of stuff but the prices were absolutely outrageous. Nothing was priced and the proprietor seemed to pull numbers out of thin air. Basically wanted mint dollars for a ton of VG merchandise.
He did have an incredible selection but the overall condition of most of his vinyl was mediocre. You really have to arm wrestle with this guy otherwise you will get supremely hosed. When I walked in he told me to not even bother looking "downstairs" unless I was prepared to pay $20 and up. I should have walked out the front door instead.
Just my opinion. So are there any other places to check out when I'm tired of throwing the dice?
j_thunders: i think you should have edited your post before sugerbrie posted his. didn't you mean to say that at the crazy horse II they are "standing out"? -kelly
Everybody's a comedian...but I guess I kind of asked for it.
Who buys records in Vegas when there is so much other entertainment. Guess I am a hopeless vinyl junkie. Plus that particular store was such a ripoff that I hate to see someone else get taken. Better to throw your money away at the craps table.
Spend your money at Glitter Gulch and you won't have to sweat the vinyl rip off. Thanks for the heads up, I'm heading to Vegas for a show later this month and will definitely seek non-vinyl entertainment. Well, maybe non-disc vinyl thrills.
We have a guy like that here in Dallas. He has a ton of records, but he likes to figure out the price on the fly instead of marking the sleeves. Sometimes, he also figures out the tax in his head which can be even a bigger rip off than his usually inflated prices. He tried to charge my girlfriend $10 tax on a fifty dollar purchase. He is fair every now and then, it depends on if he likes you that day, I think.
Yes Ohlala, I too have been to Bills, and now prefer Half Price Books. Lots to dig through, but the occasional gem at a fair price makes it worthwhile. Nice too for the wife and kid to peruse the used books and computer software instead of asking when I will be through.