vibration isolation bearings

Not really sure where to post this but I need it for some amp stands.

There is a vender out there that has 2 concave cups that hold a bearing in between, they make them for components and also build them into amp stands. Trying to locate the company to buy some does anyone have a link?

Or I do welcome any other inexpensive ideas to support two platforms together and add dampening.
FIM is the company you are thinking of.
Stillpoint makes a dual cup with a bearing also.
Aurios Pro Max's are another product with 3 captive bearings internally.
google "fim isolation"
GalenCarol audio is really helpful and has a chart describing the effects of different isolation products
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any will work, just looking for the lowest priced ones. I need to make several stands and it is getting expensive. I think the FIM was what I was looking at but to much $$$ the symposium also look nice I am trying to get a price on them. The stands will be spiked anyhow and weigh about 40 lbs so this isjust to make it a bit cooler and may add another layer of isolation but not 100% necessary.
I just bought several sets of Rollerblock Jr's on this site. tweaks really are an area where there is no point buying new. They hay worked very well on every component I have tried
A friend of mine developed the small cups imbedded in the wood platforms. He gave the rights to FIM as their costs from Asia were so much lower. I have several of his platforms. I found the first Aurios were the best of the Aurios and were superior to these platforms. They are more trouble as your shelf has to be level. The newer less troublesome Aurios are much poorer as the indentation of the bass race is greater meaning that they move laterally only with greater force.

I never found Roller Blocks to be any good. I have a set with grade 3 balls that I never use.
Funny, I had precisely the opposite experience to TBG. I found Aurios pretty marginal, but Rollerblocks very good. Just shows how system dependent tweaks may be
David12, did you have the original Aurios. I did not like later versions.
can you please send me a link to buy aurios if they are still available please i had 3 sets years ago with the top plate and added ball bearing i thought they were great but unfortunately all got lost over the years moving homes thank you 
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