Ventura & Santa Barbara, CA

Are there any audio clubs in Ventura or Santa Barbara counties? I am pretty new to the fine art of audio and would be very interested in joining a club with others of the same passion for audio.

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I live in Ojai and would also be interested. I am not aware of any audio organizations in this area. The closest I know of is the LA and Orange County Audiophile Society. Roger
I'm in Thousand Oaks. I'm just starting out as well and would love to find a place to hear new stuff.
I have a resonably highend retail audio/video store in Oxnard. We have been in business for approx 18 months. I was planning to start a music club as a tool for networking & to meet fellow enthusiasts. Maybe some of you guys can help me get it off the ground. We can meet at my store for our meetings & then lets see where it takes us.
Where in Montecito? What is the club called?

Also... is Advanced Audio still in business? I left a message a few days ago but haven't gotten a call back. Cheers.
Montecito is in the Santa Barbara area on the high side of the tracks. I am not sure about AA and its current status. I am guessing that it is a small proprietorship, perhaps even home-based.
Montecito is an unincorporated town run by an association, and it is adjacent to Santa Barbara. The requirement for affordable housing is the main issue holding up incorporation. Given that the town is home to a number of folks in the entertainment industry, I suspect there are some elaborate HTs behind the walls and gates, most of which likely include top notch audio systems. Not sure those folks would be interested in joining an audio club, but I would.

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I live in Newbury Park right next to Thousand Oaks. If anyone is interested in a listening session, let me know via PM. Thanks ...

Try these guys. 

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