Vandersteen 2W sub connection

Recently purchased a pair of vandersteen 2C speakers and a bi-wire cables for them. Now looking to add a vandersteen 2W subwoofer but completely baffled by connection requirements. Shared the link to a pic below and, if anyone is familiar and can help, I’d really appreciate it. They have 4 banana plugs and 1 banana/spade plug yet the manual mentions an RCA connection. Wtf!?
Vandersteen has a manual you can download on their web site (I know you mentioned you have a manual, but make sure it is the correct one). Do you also have the WX-2 crossover box? Not sure you need that for the 2W, But do believe you need it for the 2Wq, and the diagram on your photo shows the WX-2 in the path.

Basically Vandersteen does not design his 2Wq subs with LFE connections, so you have to connect them from your amp speaker terminals with the WX-2 in the path as shown. The set-up is probably the same as the 2Wq manual on their site.

I’ve never used them, but that may be a good place to start.

NOTE: Vandersteen also has a manual for the V2W, which does connect via LFE, and that may be what you have, and what that red middle RCA connector is for, but it’s manual states it has two RCA jacks, your photo has one. If you do that, simply disregard the other speaker jacks, just as you might on many other powered subs. Again, if that is what you have, look for that manual instead of the 2Wq I mentioned. BUT, again, your photo does show the diagram with the WX-2, so figure out what you have, or perhaps someone will jump in who has used these. Given the diagram shows the WX-2, I think you have a 2Wq (?).

I’m sure Johnny @audioconnection could help you out.
It does come with a WX2 crossover. Doesn't say "2Wq" on the back, just "2w". Does the red plug look like an RCA? Looks like another banana plug to me.
Yes, perhaps an older model before the ‘q’ came out. As You have the WX-2, with the dip switches (internal) to be set per the impedance of your amp, I’m guessing the set-up is like the 2Wq. Also, make sure your WX-2 does indeed have the internal dip switches, and not a set unit for a particular/set impedance level. Most will tell you that the WX-2 should only be used to temporarily set-up the sub to your particular amp, then better to buy an X2 with the fixed setting you need for the best sound.

Try contacting Johnny Rutan here : @audioconnections. He knows all about these and will get you set-up. Or call him at Audio Connections in New Jersey.
Setup for the 2W and 2WQ is identical. If you have the manual you need to read it completely before starting.
Factory is open or call your local Vandersteen dealer in the AM

The advice on reading manual is hyper important! 
The Vandy subs use a high pass filter between preamp and amp

you need to know the input impedence of your power amp to set the DIP switches on inside of crossover. iF you don’t know or can’t find out the input Impex you can with Vandertones a free download use a voltmeter to set the dip switches. Don’t guess!

Next hook up speaker wires from your amp as shown on back of the 2W

iF the biwire set of wires you have does not have bananas you will need to change. Audioquest makes a nice setscrew silver Banana - there are many others.

I believe he is bi-wiring his 2C’s, as he should, so will need an additional set of cables for the sub. Also, the older 2C’s only have banana connections (I have a feeling that may be what he purchased). I don’t believe the bare wire/spade connections came out until the Sig’s, as mine have.
I will add, this all probably sounds like a pain the rear to simply hook-up a sub, but from what I have read, worth it when you get them set-up correctly. But....this set-up is more geared towards music, so the OP probably should not think the 2W will act as a HT subwoofer, but instead be more subtle in how it works.....with music.

I have two powered subs hooked-up to my 2CE Sigs, in stereo. But took a different approach (as I already had the subs) and have them connected directly via each R & L speaker terminals via cables not the amp, then set the crossover low and set the gain ‘to taste’ at the subs. As the powered sub amp is such a high impedance, no worry about the ohms falling too low as may happen with two daisy chained passive speakers. Not perfect, but works pretty well after much crossover/gain trial and error setting. It’s more a set-up for music, not HT sub results.

But to be honest, the 2C’s don’t really ‘need’ subs, as I know the Sig’s acoustic coupler goes down to 28hz,  but it’s always nice to have a bit more musical grunt and low end, if not over done.
Hey guys, sorry got busy with work. I may have missed it but how exactly do I connect that sub? I have a 2 channel power amp with a 2 channel preamp. Speakers are bi-wired. What other cables do I need and how do I connect them. The diagram on the speakers doesn't really clarify. Really interested in that sub but confused about connection.
Simply run an additional set of speaker cables from your amp speaker terminals to the high level speaker inputs of the sub. Set the dip switches of the crossover (you said was included) per the impedance of your amp (hopefully you have that info in your amp manual). Place the crossover between your pre and amp. Thus, you will need an additional set of R/L RCA cables. Set the sensitivity. As said already, all this is in the manual.

And again, if you have questions, call Johnny at Audio Connections in New Jersey. Great guy, and will help you regardless of whether you bought his equipment or not. Besides Richard Vandersteen himself (who you could also try calling), Johnny has many years experience with all Vandersteen products.