Using an Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K with Oppo

Wanted to find out if anyone is using subject items together or a similar streaming device with the Oppo. I use my Oppo mostly for streaming YouTube. I have a 103D and a 105D. I have tried them both hardwired as opposed to using wifi and each of them will freeze up when streaming YouTube. I have finally had enough and I am not going to take it anymore! 😁 Please don't offer suggestions to fix it because I have tried everything. Yes my firmware is up to date. I want to use another device for streaming and wanted to get an idea of the experience of others using a separate streaming device though their Oppo. Thanks!


Could it be in your internet service? There may be an issue that doesn’t show up while using other services and devices. A hard reset on your router or a call to the provider might be your answer. I was having an issue streaming Qobuz through my Node, a call to ATT resolved it. Something on their end wasn't working properly. I know you’ve probably already thought about it but sometimes the obvious is overlooked.

I have considered that but I can stream YouTube on my laptop using wifi without a glitch even with others on the system. Yet when I try it on my Oppo with no one else home, it freezes up. I have not been able to explain it. The firmware is current on both machines.

The firmware on the Oppo are locked based on January of 2017 (the last Oppo firmware). This means that Youtube and other streaming clients are based on standards from January 2017. Youtube, Netflix and many other streaming services have continually updated their streaming technical interfaces which require client updates. The best way to handle this is to use a dedicated streaming device such as Amazon Fire or Roku. I do remember that Youtube actually changed their service so that the older Internet Explorer 6.0 would not work anymore, so I am not surprised that the Oppo streaming stopped working as well.

 Now that makes sense. I recently had to replace my iPad because Tidal updated their service and it was no longer compatible with the OS I was running and the iPad could no longer be upgraded. What a pain. So it sounds like my conclusion was right when I decided to try the firestick.

Well, I have to say the Firestick has transformed the Oppo. Not only does YouTube perform as is intended but the picture quality is better as well. A big thumbs up for the Firestick!