Usher owners who chose 6 series over be series?

I demoed Usher Be 718 but liked the 6311's better. With all the hoopla surrounding the 718, has anyone else out there opted for the 6 series instead?
I have owned several Usher speakers and also like the 6311's,but they are in no way in the same league as the BE 718's for 2 channel critical listening.
The 718 is a very fatigueing speaker.

It was overhyped before release and does not live up to the hoopla IMO.

A couple of my customers sold their pair within 6 months of purchase.
That is exactly what I thought. I had the option of getting the 6 series or the be 718 and I chose the 6 series.
The 6371 is a great speaker, and if you have the room to support them..the 6381/91. I owned both the 71 and 81. Both excellent sounding over the long haul. The 71 better fit my room size. The 6311 while very good, cant quite provide the grunt and bass the 71's and up are capable of.
I bought the 6371, which in my honest opinion blew away the be-718. It was about the same price but to my ears sounds way better.
what a surprise to see AudioFeil International bashing Usher again.

BE-718 does not fatigue if you mate them with right upstream components. Just to prove my point, you do see people selling dark sounding speakers within 6 months or less of ownership but can you blame them for being fatigue? People buy and sell for the sake of trying out new things, a gear that fits your taste does not guarantee it will fit other's taste. But for AudioFeil to bash Usher constantly without any basis is really not professional and everyone is sick of it. BE-718 can't receive that many awards if they are as awful as AudioFeil claims.

why don't you come out and say what gears you sell?
I've heard the entire BE line and had a pair of BE-10 here for about a week and a pair of BE-718 (taken in on trade) for almost a month. I stand by my statement.

Don't "bash" unless you know the facts. If you would like to discuss further please call or send a private email. I'd be glad to share my complete and succint observations.

What gears I sell? That's funny.

Well to answer your question, very fine gears for your ears.
I didn't mean to start trouble. I was just curious if anyone else found the 6371's or 6311 more to their liking than the be-718. Primarily at that particular price point. I haven't heard the be 10 or 20, which I'm sure would sound significantly better than my 6371's. All I can say is they are the best speaker purchase I've ever made.
No trouble.

Opinions are opinions, there's no right or wrong. Quoting reviews is silly because they're nothing more than entertainers' opinions.

Speakers, IMO, are the most subjective component in an audio system.

"One man's ceiling is another man's floor".
-Paul Simon

I too have a/b'ed (and guess c'ed) the Usher be 718, 6311, and 6381's. Out of the 3 speakers the one I enjoyed the most was the 6311's and currently have them on order. I am not sure how anybody could describe the be718's as being fatiguing. I actually found the opposite to be the case. I found their bass to be a little too warm/muddy to me....just too much. I found the 6311's to sound the most coherent and musical. One thing that I found about the be718's is that they are very forgiving of poor sounding recordings. Eric Clapton's unplugged cd normally sounds very edgy to me but on the 718's was quite smooth and more enjoyable. In fairness maybe the 718's may not have been broken in yet and may have still opened up more. I thought the tweeter was outstanding...very resolving without being harsh.

If anybody cares the associated gear was:

Rogue Hera preamp
Acoustic Arts amp II high performance
Consonance cd120T
I was just reading through Usher threads and started this one. Lively in here, ain't it?

One thing I COULD agree with that Midnitemick said was that the bass is "a little too warm/muddy..." There is a "BUT" here. The "but" is that they will be that way unless placed extremely precisely. I have 718s, and even the smallest deviation can make plucked double bass in an orchestra indistinct-sounding. The room is quite well tuned for that NOT to happen. 5 years of pushing tube traps 1" down the wall and orienting that bloody seam 1/100 of an inch so it doesn't kill transients has given me good experience with the bass range in an average room.
I don't imagine the BE718s have a worse bass driver than the 718s (and when's Usher going to release a kit for 718 owners to upgrade?!?!), so it's more likely placement.
As for the "forgiving" comment: come to MY house and play the Mercury CD The Miraculous Mandarin, recorded in mono for an example of how UNforgiving even the 718s are. They do not, sad to say, forgive poor recordings. The screech on the CD made me literally leave the room, but leave the music playing (was breaking in a Parasound JC 2).My guess is the tweeter's not broken in. On good recordings, I'd say the 718 I have has good transient ability (but not great). Also, a question of my own: does anyone find them to be great at microdyanmics?? I'm not sold on the 718s ability to do that: fine touch in bowing, piano keys, etc. 'Course, it could be the electronics, so if your experience is different, I'd like to know that. In fact, that speakers in this price range DO get all the micro - and - macro dynamics right?
In any case, I'll drop out now...good lucking resolving this argument!
Mphnkns....thats nothing...Now here's an argument!!{}