USB Driven DAC for 2nd System

I am currently using a Music Fidelity V-Link MK2 into an original MF V-DAC for my 2nd system. I use this system outside and set it up with each use. I am happy with the sound of MF V combo however it would simplify things if I didn’t need the Wall Wart power supply on the DAC. What might make for a equal quality USB driven DAC to replace the MF combo? I am looking to buy used and willing to explore market until a suitable replacement is found. Budget is <$300. Thanks in advance for your thoughts!

Audioengine D1 for $169 new.

At that price, big spenders might assume it can't sound great and may scoff, but I had a chance to compare one against the $1800 Line Magnetic DAC with ES9016 Sabre chip and if I listened carefully I could discern only the slightest difference in low-end body in favor of the Line Magnetic. They were so close in terms of sound quality, but $1600+ apart in price. And the Line Magnetic is very highly regarded, which gives you an idea how good the Audioengine sounds.

I sold mine only because I needed something with 3 inputs, but that's one device I regret selling.

I'd start there, and if you don't like it you can quickly flip it and be out only $50, but I bet you keep it.
The AQ Dragonfly would probably be a good choice for what you're trying to do. They sell them at Best Buy, so if you don't like it you can always return it.
Thanks Bcgator and Zd! Didn’t know Best Buy sold the AQ. I will keep a lookout for these. If I were to find either used, I can try them out and resell what I choose not to keep for little loss. I have no need to be in any hurry.

Zd, as an aside, I once owned the Vandy Model IIs in the mid 80s- earily 90s. Also heard the Is. Just mentioning as I know you love Vandys.
Anyone having experience with the M2Tech USB DAC? Currently using the HRT Music Streamer II which I bought used.