Upgrade from base CURIOUS CABLE USB?

Wondering if my CURIOS CABLE USB should be my next upgrade. Looking at David Laboga, FTA and SABLON based on reviews and customer feedback.  Here’s my system:

Pathos InPol Heritage Integrated

Tannoy Kensington GRs

REL S/812

Innuos Zenith MK3 


CHORD M Scaler/DAVE/Sean Jacobs DC4 ARC6 LPS

Cables mostly Transparent Gen 5 Ultra or Reference 

TIA and HNY!



Those are all good brands / high quality cables on your list. I highly recommend a trial in your fine system to access which cable sounds the best to your ears. I would also add Network Acoustic USB III and Kimber Hybrid (HB) on your list…they are among the best I’ve tried in my system.

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