Upgrade advise: ATI, Bryston, Aragon,

I have a home theater with a Denon AVR3300, NHT 2.5i, NHT 1.5i, and NHT SW3P. I am going to slowly upgrade. First, I want a new amplifier. I have on order a ATI 1506, which is 150x6, and bridgeable to 450x3. My objective is flexibility and, obviously, quality. I have just learned it will take a awhlie before ATI makes any more 1506's. This has caused me to rethink my purchase. Should I get a 2 channel, such as a Bryston 4B-ST, or Aragon 8008BB, to allow flexibilty in the future, perhaps use in a music only system later? Thoughts?
Leehuff, I understand your position completely. I was there a few months ago. I had a AVR 3300 and went to a Adcom 555. I have now gone to a Bryston 4B-ST. I considered ATI as well as many others. I went to the Bryston because of performance, price and WARRENTY. I really think it is in a league above the adcom. In fact I thought, after much listening that it was a step up from ATI and Aragon (to me anyway) as well. I have also gone to a B&K 3090 Pre/Pro. Anyway, a thumbs up from me for the Bryston 4B-ST. It will cost about 1300-1400 used. Still under a long warrenty and you can always sell it back for the same if you don't like it. Hope this helps and happy listening.......LR
Here is another consideration: Will ATI be around long enough to honor any warranty or make repairs? I have had a 1506 on order for 2 weeks, and was told today that none will be made for another 2 weeks. Does this soud sketchy to anyone?
If you're thinking about going the high-quality 2-channel route in the near future I'd go with a good stereo amp and continue to use the 3300 to power the center/rears. Unless you're thinking of upgrading speakers too, you might also consider a higher quality stereo preamp with a home theater passthrough function. This would allow you to use the stereo amp and preamp for serious 2-channel listening while still being able to use the Denon for movies/surround music.

Recommendations for amps would be McCormack DNA-125 or Odyssey Stratos, and if you're interested in preamps with HT passthroughs there are the Adcom GFA-750 and McCormack RLD-1. Incorporating any pair of the above will seriously bring your NHTs to life. You might even consider doing the preamp first...it may make a bigger difference than the amp. I'd suggest finding a good dealer and trying some of these at home before making any decisions. Your best move will become evident pretty quickly. Best of luck.

try the Proceed 5 channel amp. they are great. If you buy a two channel make sure it of great quality. ecuase your music will sound better. And you want a amp that will cover all grounds
If your wondering who will be around, then buy yourself a bryston. I had the 3bst and it was solid like a tank(20yrs warranty), tho I did sell it to buy a bat vk200. I would go 2 channel amp for front and maybe a 3 channel for rear and center, unless your going to run rear and sides buy a 5 channel. 2 channel for front is the way to go, unless ya got the $$$$ for some mono's. Good luck pete
good advice above,over at ATI morris is more concerned with safety than performance!he's really big into protection circuitry!as above i agree ,buy a 2 ch amp.and add on with a 3 ch amp!super flexible!besides morris has enough ferraris!
Personally,I woud consider the Aragon or Bryston.Both are top notch,and a step above the ATIs,certainly in build quality.
Leehuff: I was in your position awhile ago reading, research, & testing. For the money , which is in your $$$ bracket the Sherbourn 5/1500 which is 5x200 each is 5 separate mono amps in 1 chasis retail is $2000. This amp just totally blew all of them away in Pure Sound & Power. I checked out such amps as ati,bryston,b&k,adcom,parasound,& rotel, & others. When you have delays & hear of problems stay away it should tell you something. I hope this helped you a little bit. Buy the way, yes I did buy the 5/1500 amp for myself. I upgraded all my electronics this year. My speakers are for the next year. Happy hearing & good luck with your choice, it will be your brawn of your system, your brains odviously your processor. Have fun.
As those who have read my comments know, I'm a big fan of Bryston equipment -- very high value gear. In my HT system, I am currently using a Bryston 4B-ST for the main front speakers (Vandersteen 3A Signatures), and a Bryston 5B-ST for the center speaker and rear surrounds. The 5B-ST is essentially a 3-channel version of the 3B-ST amp, offering 3x120 wpc (though rated at 120 wpc, the actual output is about 150 wpc -- Bryston rates their amps very conservatively). I chose the 5B-ST even though it provides about half the power of the 4B-ST, because my rear surround speakers have an efficiency of 91-92 db, and 150 wpc is plenty for them. If you think you need the same amount of power for the center and rears as the front speakers, then you can get Bryston's new 6B-ST, which is a 3-channel version of the 4B-ST (rated at 250 wpc, but actually provides 290-300 wpc). I think the real issue is how much 2-channel audio listening you will do with your system. I enjoy HT, but about 90% of the time I listen to music, and thus my emphasis is on a high quality audio system first.
Thanks for all the help. I cancelled the ATI order, and am looking into Bryston 4b-ST.