Up sample or non upsampling which is superior

After 14 years of very good sound from my TimbreTT1-DAC I`m curious regarding the latest digital players available. A major distinction is to use upsampling vs the non up sampling design. There seem to be good examples of both camps. My objective is to obtain the most natural and pure reproduction of acoustic jazz and vocals with as little electronic artifact as is possible. Have any of you fellow audiogoners found one design better for this goal?
a digital front end that can do both is the best choice imo. i've found some disc's sound good upsampled while others sound better without upsampling. have also found that certain upsampling rates sound best with certain disc's (196/24 vs 172/24 vs 96/24 for example). a player that lets you try/listen in various modes lets *you* decide what sounds best with *your gear*.

i went PS Audio PWD and PWT. lets you play at various upsampling modes as well as native. i'm in digital heaven.

for my system, have found that 70-80% of my music sounds best in native mode. if you forced me to pick a side, would have to say no-upsampling from my experience.
Hi Levy03
My gut inclination is toward native and non filtering playback as I like my components simple and straight forward. I use300b SET amps and a directly heated tube pre amp, however I`ll keep an open mind and decide only on the sonics. For example the Vitus cd player upsa mples at 384!! yet it is considered to have a natural analogue sound without any digititis. I have read and heard very good things about your PS Audio components, thanks for your feedback.