Unreal Reel to Reel 'Tourbillon' by custom art designer Metaxas of Metaxas and Sins


On September 28, 2023, we attended Metaxas & Sin’s North American Launch of its Audio Sculpture Collection. As we found out, the gear in this line, designed by Kostas Metaxas, is insanely beautiful in both form and function. Each piece is a work of art. The event was held at the showrooms of Innovative Audio Video in NYC. Join us as we speak with Jeff Garshon, of Reel Sound, Metaxas’ North American distributor and get a private product presentation and audition.



... the gear in this line, designed by Kostas Metaxas, is insanely beautiful in both form and function ...

Of course beauty is in the the of the beholder. But I think this guy’s designs are fugly and, from what I can tell, design takes precedence over function, big time.

There is something to be said for liking something every time you see/approach it, it helps you make a choice of essentially equally performing items.

Just knowing my vintage preamp’s performance is enough to get my endorphins going. IF you like this guy’s designs (anyone’s designs), and there is no compromise in performance, there you have it.

My speakers are nice, beautiful Rosewood veneer, but old fashioned wood boxes, nothing special about them except their sound, I am happy every time I glance at these ’boring boxes’ based on their known performance.

Choosing a ’new to me’ integrated, primarily to get remote volume control, I read reviews, did all I could do to ascertain performance, AND I like the look of my Cayin, both helped me decide to try it. Luckily it sounded as good as my prior mono-blocks that had no remote volume. I needed it so I could continue to use my vintage preamp with no remote features.

After years of no remote volume, or using my Chase Remote Line Controller, now, when I look at the Cayin, off, no music playing, knowing it has that feature is subtle enthusiasm.

Just looks like more stuff for the luxury watch, supercar crowd-not that it's a bad thing.

Other than aesthetic-yawn

as a reel to reel tape enthusiast, i heartily applaud a new ’ground-up’ reel to reel deck, and the obvious investment and commitment it takes to actually deliver a product. gives this part of the hobby some real juice.

so Bravo Metaxas! and those who are involved in distributing it here in North America.

that said, i agree with @cleeds that this bling-bling approach to tape deck aesthetics is a matter of personal taste, and this effort does not do it for me. but it will attract attention and be a nice bauble in some beautiful rooms. hopefully those owners will also buy some tapes and not just have a couple for effect. more tape sales means more titles and tape activity for all tape deck owners. a very good thing.

my understanding is that the base version of this deck retails for $49k (plus $9k for the stand). can it perform like that?

the studio master level Metaxas product is the Papillon is $88k base price. can it perform like that?

can either compete performance wise, with fully reconditioned big Studer’s and big Ampex’s? if not, how close can they get? will they be sold based on 'art' or performance? 

maybe the tape deck version of the OMA approach?

i wish Metaxas well and hope it gets some good momentum, which would be a big positive for all tape lovers.