Unobtrusive speaker cables?

I am currently running a 14' double run of Goertz MI2 for biwiring. I like the sound, but the big shiny copper cables dominate the room. I'm looking for something much less noticeable, but of equal or better sound quality. My system, Goldmund/Timbre/Bryston/c-j/Soliloquy, is revealing enough that I need a high quality cable, but preferrably something under $400 used. Any suggestions?
Mapleshade Golden Helix. You can get it less than that brand new. However, longest is 12 feet (stock) [and shouldn't you keep your runs at least that short?] Money back if not satisfied from the company. I really like these with my Harbeth monitors and Creek 5350SE. Good luck. Charlie
Assuming you like your wires other than the appearence, why not get some fabric that compliments your decor and make up some "cable condoms"? Cut it to size, and you (or someone else) sew velcro on the the two edges, and wrap up your cable? Cheap and sensible solution to a WAF issue. ATB, Jeff