Ubsound speakers out of Italy

Anyone hear or own these? Look nice but pricey.🙄


See Ubsound Web site, nothing special , i have similar product in my line, using 8" Germany Driver Visatone and baffle step compensation filter, Sound is very coherent but is not for all type of music

Just found your site. First I’ve heard of your company. Interesting.

Why no pricing on all you series? Only could find on a few.

i do experimentation and improving all times, i  just finished Skyler with Visaton 8" paper full range driver and paper  super tweeter also Visaton is ready to auditions  ,Sound is very pleasurable especially on classic music , no thin, i made in piano black , the price is about $2800 for pair, is very reasonable , because i do all , included  high quality painting and polishing by myself , If are interested send me e mail