Tubulos I2S cable

Has anyone compared the Tubulos Argentus I2S against the Consentus I2S cable. Just wondering if the Consentus is worth the extra money. I do not own either but I have the Consentus on loan from a friend.


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I have the Tubulus Argentus I2S cable.

When I described the sound I was wanting, Aldwin recommended the Argentus over the Consentus.

From Aldwin

"The Argentus and Concentus are both on a very high level. But the Concentus has a bit more detail in the highs and has more 'body' in the mids. Both are very neutral. "

When I detailed my system, he replied Argentus would be a perfect choice.

@jerrybj thanks. My friend has the Argentus also, but we don't know if it works. He lent it to someone else and that person said the cable was broken. I originally tried it and all I got was static and gave it back to him and then I started thinking maybe it's not wired the same as the Consentus and have to program the I2S on my Denafrips Pontus to accept it. The Consentus worked with no programming. Worth a second shot.

I asked Aldwin what the difference is between V1 and V2 of the Argentus.

"The current Argentus V2 model has some conductors added to make it compatible with all i2s equipment"

I have the Agrentus but I have not compared it to anything. @jerrybj  So it's less detailed and thinner in the midrange than the Concentus?

I was looking for neutral above anything else.

The Argentus is fantastic in my system. Able to hear further into the recordings. Again, details revealed I hadn't heard before.


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