Tube rolling: ARC VS110

In 2021 I pondering some tube rolling. My amp currently has some “Winged C” 6550s installed. While I’m pleased with the sound I wonder if there is something that might provide a bit more punch. Certainly can’t complain about the mids and highs. The nice detail and shimmer but a bit more on the bottom might be nice. I’d prefer newer production as finding 8 matched NOS tubes would likely prove userous. Suggestions?

Here’s hoping you’re having a nice holiday. 

Happy listening!
if you have real original winged c 6550’s they will be hard to beat... they are nla and considered one of if not the best 6550/kt88 variants

if you want to try something different try the new russian gold lion kt88’s - they are very good too with solid bottom end...
Thanks jjss49. The problem is I don’t believe the VS110 won’t support the KT88. Thanks though!
check with greg c at ARC - just email him at the support email

double check with him, i would think kt88's should work fine - they are electrically very similar to 6550c's and should bias fine to arc's spec of 65 ma