Tube preamp recommendation for a simaudio 760a amplifier

Hi Folks,

I'm looking for a new tube preamp for my 760a amplifier. My Don Sachs tube pre sends it into dc protection mode. According to Don and my tech, this amp is too sensitive for this preamp which is capacitor coupled.It just leaks too much DC at the outputs.  I love the sound but it's just not jiving. I'd probably need a transformer coupled preamp. I like a warm detailed sound. 

Thanks in advance!


I have a pair of SiMAudio W7Rm monoblocks.  I love the Rogue RP-7.  Plan on some tube rolling. 

The LTA preamps use ZOTL technology to couple without transformers. Very highly reviewed and moderately priced. 

Look into Octave preamps. They have transformer driven outputs so no chance of passing DC to the amp. My amp doesn’t have coupling caps so any DC on its inputs, my speakers are toast. I use Octave 300HP SE in my setup and it sounds great.