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Pre-amp Suggestion
@nadimjaber mine is Graaf GM 100 (TL). I'm using Mullards for all signal tubes and Valvo PL504 for power.  
Tube preamp recommendation for a simaudio 760a amplifier
Look into Octave preamps. They have transformer driven outputs so no chance of passing DC to the amp. My amp doesn’t have coupling caps so any DC on its inputs, my speakers are toast. I use Octave 300HP SE in my setup and it sounds great.   
Isotek EVO3 Syncro UNI
Just added one (16A version ) to my system. Had a nagging hum from my power conditioner transformer (even on a dedicated 20A line). It hummed louder when I switched my amp to Class A (higher load).Tried my spare PS audio humbuster which reduced th... 
Townshend Isolation Products.
+1 for corner platforms. I have had the same issue as you. Crawl space under the floor so foot falls were a big issue. I ordered a set (4) of "D" rated corner platforms to support my rack and haven’t had a problem since. Here's AG thread I posted ... 
Pre-amp Suggestion
@jasonbourne71  Well yes LA4 is on my list. Wanted to know what other Graaf owners liked to pair theirs with. Thanks for the suggestion.  
REL high Level + Class D amp help pls !
@noiwk1991 preamp RCA input.  
REL high Level + Class D amp help pls !
It works. I have mine connected that exact way. My integrated is fully balanced design so negative from REL cannot be connected to negative speaker terminal on the amp. This lack of grounding on REL results in hum. To fix it, I simply connect a mo... 
I agree with what's been said so far. My analog set up costed twice digital. Some albums I prefer to listen to in digital and some analog. It depends on the recordings. I have a few albums where digital beats the vinyl counterpart by a healthy mar... 
Ultrasonic record cleaners
@rvillanova Sure, I used Triton X-100 and 91% IPA to prepare the concentrate.   40 ml Triton X-100 48 ml 91% IPA Then add 22ml of this solution to Kirmuss cleaner. Once 5min clean cycle done I take it out and rise with distilled water and vacu... 
Audio people you've had contact with that proved to be good people.
Had a very pleasant experience with Damian and Michal at Mytek. They went above and beyond to fix an issue with my unit.  
Ultrasonic record cleaners
I bought the KA-RC1 (Kirmuss) on the cheap but soon grew tired of the process outlined in the manual and the Kirmuss surfactant leaves residue in the grooves. Gave up on the machine for a good while. Then realized I could just use the ultrasonic c... 
Whats on your turntable tonight?
Udo Reising jazz-salon and washboard orchestra  
Ortofon MC Cartridge Problems ??
I have run Quintet Black S for 4 yrs until a Shelter 501 replaced it. No issues with Orto. Kept it as a backup. On one occasion the cart tracked the dead wax and ended up on the label area (Damn Kirmuss cleaning solution residue collected on the s... 
Whats on your turntable tonight?
Ben Webster and Associates,ORG 45rpm.  
Whats playing on your system today?
Def Leppard, Retro Active promo cassette on Tandberg 3014A. Sounds fabulous. Never knew cassettes can do soundstage.