tube pre & ss amp integrated

Been tooling around youtube , I know but what else is there now ? Very cautious !

Wife has fallen for  Mcintosh MA352 . I must have  tubes some place in there , she likes ss, seems to be the best of both worlds  for us . 

I am wondering what would compete with mac soundwise?

Will be using Klipsch Forte 4's with it .

Thank you and be safe.


We have the similar system that doesn't need a lot of power to make the speakers sound good. We choose the Audio Note Cobra. Extremely happy!


   Now that one seems a little tough to hear .Good reputation though !

Thank you. 

Forget the Mac. Get one of the lower powered class A Pass amps. They’re in an entirely different league. Then you could even get away with using a nice SS preamp. 

Mac MA252. It is a more complete offering than most of the others mentioned except the Marantz Model 40. If an 'integrated' amp lacks a phono stage, lacks digital inputs, what exactly has it integrated? Analog input switching and a volume control are not enough.