Tube amps under $7500

Ready to experiment with combinations never before (or not recently) tried. Step one requires a tube amp. Now looking at Prima Luna EVO 400 which sells for 5K. Any other tube amps I should consider in this price/feature range? Must come in silver with balanced input. For pairing experimentally with various tube and SS preamps. Efficient 4 ohm Legacy speakers (and the room/setup) are the constants.



@hickamore fwiw thought I’d mention that I’m doing what @paulcreed recommended. Currently running a different brand 6SN7 tube preamplifier with a full Class-A 50w Pass Forte’ 3/1A (upgraded) solid state amplifier as my secondary system. Speakers are 92.5db efficiency. Funny thing is I’ve kept this tube pre and ss amp combo in place past six months giving my tube amps a long rest. Or, that’s my excuse, and yet I’ve enjoyed listening to it for while now. Offers a nice hybrid sound and while biased in full Class-A, it manages to hold my attention better than expected. These very long rotations truly allow me to appreciate differences.

@decooney As should be obvious, your secondary system would be my primary. Just one question: what is the O/I impedance ratio of your 6SN7 tube preamp to Pass Forté (as upgraded)? Depending on preamp, with amp change I would be moving from 1:110 down to 1:16 or 1:25.

@hickamore estimated 1:106 as per spec in its prior and upgraded form following your math ratio approach. While I'm not near the gear or have a means to measure anything, its a guess at best. 

Maybe I should restate this. Whatever is in play for six months (like it is now), is my primary system, LOL.  However, when push comes to shove and I begin parting with my two systems for room and system changes, it's going to be really tough to let go of either of the two sets of amplifiers. Maybe both of them are primary whenever they are in play. :)  Each offers its own enjoyment in different ways.