Traveling Wilburys? What gives?

Hi all,

I just logged onto Amazon to purchase some music (good prices, no tax, free shipping, GREAT customer service) and "The Traveling Wilburys" came to mind as one of those cds that I just never got a round to buying 15 years ago.

Much to my surprise, I found that it's out of print. Can this be? I saw that there are some individuals selling used cds for $30 to $45.

It just seems odd that such a popular album (in its' day) would be out of print. Has it been released under another name? Is there some legal dispute over licensing and or royalties?

Any information would be appreciated.

On another note, I just picked up Nickel Creek's second CD at Target for $12 and was blown away. These kids are talented beyond their years. I've since ordered the debut album from Amazon and will be attending a Nickel Creek concert on Friday night in the small Central California town of Hanford (home of Vandersteen). Maybe I'll see Richard there?
You can get just about anything you please on E-bay. - as evidence by the 45 hits for the TWs.
I have both of them on CD in my pile of hardly listened to. Just for kicks what are they selling for?
I guess travel headphones should be noise cancelling, so AirPods won't suit noisy trips I guess. I don't know what design you prefer, but different travel blogs confirm that

MonoDeal headphones are perfect for travelling (the price is rather loyal, about 40-50$ ).
There are a hundreds of vol 1 and 2 for sale on eBay
There is no Traveling Wilburys Vol. 2.