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What music would you like at your funeral?
A friend had requested Black Peter by the Greatful Dead for his funeral. I think it was very fitting and people there wanted to get the lyrics. 
Review of Dartzeel NHB-108 Amplifier
Hey Andy I will be back in the game soon. Great post by the way...Everything is sounding great, right?! 
Best Audio Format for Apple I-Pod
That is what I use (Apple lossless). I also use the Total bithead with it too. I have the 40g photo. I filled it up with about 3000 songs and no photos. :-) 
Where R U?????
Hey Tim! I like very nice cameras too. LOL! 
Where R U?????
Originally from Laguna Beach California moved to Seattle in 1989. Left there in 1996 (too crowded with just as bad traffic as Cal) and now in Lake Panorama Iowa, a private lake about 40 miles west of Des Moines with no stop lights. 
HE 2004 West Cancelled due the worker lockout
Please don't flame but things work better without unions involved and long ago I was a member only because I had to be. There was a time when they were useful but those times have long passed. It makes me sad and when I hear things like what has h... 
Review: Emm Labs DCC2 DA converter
Tim and Bill, I enjoyed your response. I would not waste my time responding to Robmf321. I find it easy to see his intentions. Poor guy. 
Comparing Wadia vs. Meitner
Audiobugged...robm321.... I doubt you both will ever post anything useful and I must say when I see your monikers I will not bother. The posts you make are senseless, and only waste the time of those that are here trying to become more informed.No... 
Comparing Wadia vs. Meitner
I think everyone is now in agreement. This thread is dead. It agonizingly died some time ago. 
Comparing Wadia vs. Meitner
I think there is a troll under the bridge.....yawn.......:-O 
Comparing Wadia vs. Meitner
Fbhifi.....I have been following this thread from the sidelines and I really enjoyed your post because you stated a lot of info there. Frank...Tim.... this hobby ROCKS! There are always others out there to crash the party but we know their intenti... 
Meitner EMM DAC6e Redbook Performance
I ditto Saxman2's post. I have the CDSD and I heard it on both the DCC2 and the DAC6e. Cabling is very system dependent and everyone knows there is a difference in what you hear between cord and interconnects. 
EMM Labs CDSD / DCC2 - Initial Listening Session
Gladstone... you are witty to the extreme. LOL!!!!! 
EMM Labs CDSD / DCC2 - Initial Listening Session
Ditto's to tbg. 
Von Schweikert VR-4,Jr.
Don't blame the speakers because what you get at the front is what you will get in the end. Also, the salesperson needs to be replaced too as he surely doesn't know what he is selling. The leadshot is definitely an improvement as many who have the...