Transports for Audio Note DACs?

I just purchased an Audio Note 2.1x balanced DAC. Found a great deal locally on a barely used one. It's been great! very happy with it. Right now I'm using the Electrocompaniet EMC-1 I was using as my previous CDP as the transport with the AN DAC. I've spoken with a couple of people who suggest an exploration of dedicated transports may be worthwhile.

What transports are you using with your Audio Note DACs? Which other ones did you demo and why did you prefer the one you chose? I have access to several brands of transports here in the Bay area to demo: Audio Note, C.E.C., Spectral plus others I'm sure. Would prefer to avoid expensive transports, over $3000. Thanks!
I would keep using the EMC-1. It is a great transport! If you have to sell your DAC or it needs servicing you'll still have your player!
Actually I was planning on keeping the EMC-1 anyway for the reasons you outline. It's been a great player and on the used market it's worth half or less of what it cost new. I'd like to demo some transports to see how they compare in tandem with the DAC.
Stretch your budget and get the Spectral SDR3000- results with my AN 3.1x Balanced are superb. The Spectral extracts an amazing amount of detail from the disc, and the AN Balanced dacs produce a natural yet full-bodied sound that also has such a full sense of 'weight' to it (bass is phenomenal with this combo).