I’m starting to look into transports and thought this information about drive history on the Primare site would be of interest.  Being curious about CD drives and their potential reliability it came up in searching the TEAC 5020 drive (DD35).

I recently tried a CA CXC V2 and it worked for about a week then started skipping and being none responsive when being fed new discs (and various others).  It sounded really nice so I’ve got the bug to move to a transport – I’m just not sure I want to try another CA and don’t like slot loading (Audiolab).

Moon just raised their prices – so I’m considering either Jays Audio, Primare DD35, or CEC TL5.  Crutchfield carries Primare so a 60-day return policy is an option I wouldn’t have with others.

I haven't given up on CD yet - I enjoy the physical media part.  Most of the time I switch between vinyl and streaming via Qobuz.

Are there other transports in the sub $2.5k range?



Check out Cyrus. They make a couple transports that are brilliant. The CD t is $1299. They do have one that is higher end, the CDt XR but that lists for $3499. Obviously the XR unit is above your range but the base unit is excellent and is the non-dac version of an award winning CD player.

I am a Cyrus Dealer. 

I have owned many transports, and players used as transports, over the decades.  

I had been using my moded Oppo 105 (LPS, Furutec IEC with silver tail to the power supply and jumper to bypass the 110/220 switch). I play SACDs direct to my Audio Alchemy DDP-1 + PS 5, but I use a Pangea XLSE digital coax ($169 from AudioAdvisor) to the DDP 1 internal dac for redbook. I have/had a Marantz HD CD-1 as a backup, but recently decided to reinsert it as redbook transport. It is/was quite a it better, but quickly started making a scratching sound. I took it apart and located the problem, but it isn’t a simple fix, requiring a new mechanism @ $150+ shipping. No bueno


I started investigating reasonably priced transports and read the attached review of the Audiolab 6000 (@~$650 new). I found a slightly used one on Agon (at a great price): it should arrive this Thursday