Transparent Cable Humming

I have a pair of Transparent Music Link Plus cables hooked up to my Thorens TD 126 MKIII and McIntosh MA2275. I get a fairly loud humming noise in one channel. I switched the cables to the standard cheap ones and voila! no more noise.

I returned the cables to my retailer for another pair since we both assumed that the cables were defective.

The replacement set has the same problem. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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Greg - apparently your "retailer" is not aware of the fact that a phono cartridge operates at a FAR lower output level than other audio components ( cd player, tape deck, etc). It is for these other components that the TRansparent ML Plus was designed. Because the phono signal level is so low compared to the 2V "standard" for other audio components, the hum is created. Get yourself a decent set of phono specific interconnects and ditch the Transparents ( and the retailer as well)

Just spoke to the folks at Transparent. Apparently, thier cables work with about 95% of applications. They have recently released phono specfic interconnects and will be sending me a set within the next few days for an exchange at no cost.

Jwpstayman - if this does not work, can you recommend a decent set of interconnects?
Greg - I would try a set of KImber TAK ( tone arm kable)- CU or Cardas Neutral Reference Phono cables for this application - good luck!
Well it looks (sounds) like the cables are not the culprit. I have tried many other phono cables and I am getting a hum with static. Wondering if a phono stage tube is going bad.
Greg, have you tried rerouting all downstream ICs and power cords, or shifting the components or wiring a few feet away from AC wall power, AC conditioner, or other AC transformers? IME EMI/RFI that seems to be entering at the tonearm wire or phono IC can enter elsewhere and pop out in the most unexpected manner.
After 3 weeks of frustration, changing out cables, configurations, tubes and connections, I have finally found the source of the humming. DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!

!!!!!!!!!!Faulty connection to the cartridge!!!!!!!!!!!

While it appeared to visually be in good shape, the tone arm wire must have not been making a good connection and the connector, while still intact, was on the verge of breaking. By wiggling that connector, ALL humming went away!! I am going to rewire the tone arm with all new connectors and I should be good to go!

Thanks for all the advice!