Transcendent "The Masterpiece" Preamp feedback?

Hey folks, I am really interested in building this kit, and my curiosity is really centered around trying a 300b based preamp in my system. The kit's been out for a couple of years, but I can't seem to find any details on the preamp's sonic qualities, other than how "quiet" it is. 

Can any of you out there who have built / are using this preamp describe it's sonic qualities and attributes? Inquiring minds want to know! 

I've been wondering the same thing. I built the GG preamp a couple of years ago, using substantially better output caps, silver hookup wire, Goldpoint attenuator and selector switch, and NOS Amperex 12AU7 tubes. It is simply a great sounding line stage, and deathly silent.

Makes me wonder how much better "The Masterpiece" can be. Hopefully, someone who's built one will respond.

I thought the GG was one Hell of a deal, great "bang for the buck", was curious, bought the Masterpiece, & feel like the latter was better, well worth the cost. I will add that the Masterpiece was a more difficult build-no printed circuit boards, leads of  resisters & caps soldered directly to socket pins & terminal strips, close enough together to connect & short if you're not careful, more than my old eyes could handle without magnifier, but well worth the effort & time. The GG is currently gathering dust & lonely.
I don't pretend to be an expert, just my opinion. If you're curious, hope you try it out & have similar experience.
Thanks for the snippet of your experience with the Masterpiece, Jay. I am not too worried about the complexity of the build, but thats good to know.

Can you give us an idea of how the Masterpiece sounds? I don't know how the GG sounds since I never heard one, but I am really interested in the sonics of the Masterpiece with it's 300b tubes. What is the midrange like? How is the soundstage (holographic or not, height, width, depth, etc)? How about speed, frequency extension on the highs and lows, etc. you get the idea!

Like I said before, I'm no expert & don't get all the nuances of describing sound.
Prior to completing the masterpiece, my preferred system was Oppo 105 xlr directly to Decware ZMA into Maggie 3.6.
Other pre's (maybe because the only connection options became limited to RCA's) sounded worse not better (I apologize for my inability to describe how)-including GG.
I will add that I have always preferred dual vol controls- it alows me to dial in the image.
When I told Mr. Rosenblit of my preference he offered extra pot & knob (@ additional cost) & suggested I put second pot in hole already labled headphone & move headphone or delete it.
The Masterpiece is now permanently in the chain-it sounds better.
On a similar note (& I cringe when I think about all the flamers on "A/ B blind testing"- it's not really, anyway- I recognize the inherent flaws)-I sometimes record CD's on Tascam CC222SLMK2- has the option of digital or analog in. By pushing a single button you can scroll through inputs. I did it, had my kids close their eyes, push the input, ask "which sounds better & why?" Then looked to see which input (I did have to make the gain the same, I recognize not all variables were controlled- different cables, inputs, etc.) , but bottom line we all consistently preffered Masterpiece analog input to digital coax when the opposite was true for GG & other preamps.
I'm sorry if I didn't exactly answer your question, but I gave it my best shot in terms of my choices & why- I realize you're may be different!
Good luck, Jay
I bought the Masterpiece and am used to doing upgrades 
All poly caps were Panasonic poly caps -not bad, but I replaced with Audyn Caps 
These German caps are a true  bargain smooth and detailed ,resistors were 1%  I left alone,tube sockets Woo audio Copper gold thd best out there IMO. all Neotech-7-9Copper wire.    Runs at a high 100ma for the 300b.I used a Furutech IEC input socket much better hold on PC and used a  1A 32mm slow hifi tuning  fuse.I lowered to 70ma easier on the 300B.especially if using Sophia tubes ,will last much longer. I also squeezed a Bent audio Alps remote setup.
Eh are much more rugged but don't sound as good 12au7 vintage Tungsol
Smoke glass.herbies tender feet.  It sounds incredibly good and dead quiet.
I will put this against any commercial  $5k preamp . The lushNess of the 300B
Not like in a  amplifier where it can be soft  nice tight Bass and we'll defined highs
With all my extras and put silicone around all the corners and seams gor anti vibration took about 16 hours in total.