Too much Glare on my TV

I need a new TV. My living room is loaded with windows and we get lots of Glare on our current set (42" tube mitsubishi).

I'd like a 37" to 42" LCD or Plasma. Source is DirecTV with hard drive and digital out.

Some screens have textured panels while others have glass fronts. Should I stay away from the smooth glass? Any sets better than others with reducing glare?

No, I won't watch in the dark with all of the blinds closed!

Thanks for the help.
LCD is much better in daylight than crt or plasma. I installed a 42" Viewsonic on the wall in my sisters' living room and could not believe how little the two large windows on the left side wall affected the picture. Her old tv was all but unwatchable under the same conditions. Personally, I watch a projector in a totally dark room, but if I buy a new tv for the kitchen, it will be an LCD.
Plasma will be just as bad with glare, better look into LCD glare at all.
My father has the new 58in Panasonic it has alot of glare wich isnt an issue in his basement, but in a room with windows it is obvious it would be a problem.
I have a 42" Panny Plasma with smooth glass and a 37" Viewsonic LCD with the non smooth face. The Panny has a lot of glare, even in my basement. The Viewsonic LCD in the livingroom shows no glare and there are 2 large windows in the room.

Thanks guys. I agree that the panasonics are a great buy. I have a samsung in my kitchen and a westinghouse monitor. Both are great too.
I'll check on the anti-glare screens.
Much appreciated.

By, the way, I have an NEC projector in my basement theater...
Sony LCD in the office conference room with lots of florescent lights and windows - no glare whatsoever.