To upgrade/repair or not...Thorens TD165

So I am the original owner of this TT.  It hasn’t been used in 30years, but stored properly...  I’m thinking about spinning vinyl again.  I’m thinking about changing the tone arm wires and cables.  I have a new belt.  Assuming everything else is in good condition, is it worth putting a couple hundred bucks in it to get the wiring replaced?  Then I will need recommendations for a cartridge and a phono preamp....or am i better served buying new for occasional use?  The turntable has sentimental value and I would prefer to do the repairs.  I appreciate any guidance this group can offer..

Why don't you clean and lube it, give it a go before rewiring it? New belt is a no brainer, just get a high quality one or the speed will be off. I think Thatcher in Germany sells them.Do you know what tonearm is on it?

Great TT I have a slough of 160 and 165 parts and turntables.. Simple as could be. Dampening kit, spring kit, rewire, clean lube. A motor kit (takes the knock out).  A cap for the motor start if it has one or you want to add one.  Custom plinths are state side. Really easy to make one, too.

The id/facial can be swapped for a custom painted design

Tone arm adaptors are ava. if you want to use a different tone are, SME, Jelco, Lynn. The stocker is good, too though.. 

You can get the top plate polished. and the driver hub can be filled with silicone for dampening..

One up.. TD121 or 124, I can use either or.  Both types sound pretty darn good..

Save you money, keep the piece, they are wonderful...


talk to dave archambaut vinyl nirvana (google that) and contact him, he is expert and prolific at thorens restorations, i suspect he can at least point you in the right direction, if not help you directly
Sitting that long, been there, the bearing will be dry. Clean and lube it, put the new belt on. Clean and lube everything else you possibly can. Spin some vinyl. See how it goes.
I think you answered your own question. As long as the wires are not broken forget about changing the wiring. It will be fine. Get an Audio Technica ATVM93EN and a Music Fidelity V90-LPS and you will be in business just over $300.00