Tidal have you heard them? Are they your favs?

Posting again because some frustrated members rained on the enthusiasm of what is a great speaker.
If you have heard them what are your impressions.
Kindly refrain from pointless comments, if you have nothing to contribute keep calm and carry on, show your maturity.
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pedrillo....as an owner of contriva diacera-ses i can personnally attest to the fact that my tidal speakers are superb.i have had many speakers over the last 20+ years and heard alot of what are considered 'the best' speakers and to my ears these are at or near the top of that list.they do nothing wrong with any of the frequencies and do most everything superbly.music has never sounded as natural as it does now...i can listen to music for hours and hours without the slightest hint of fatigue.i have heard the piano ceras and they,too, are superb.hope this helps
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Yes the Medium Tidals at RMAF are in my opinion better than the big brothers, they sound more cohesive and man they have depth to die for

Will listen more tomorrow

On Sunday, as I said on the Tidal thread, the Pianos were very good. However, they did not reach the level of the Contriva Diacera SEs, at least not in my room. Also, I was not very impressed until Sunday.

I also told Jorn that I thought any of his speakers would be greatly improved using the new StillPoints Ultimate SS feet. I put them under my Contrivas just before the show and could not believe the improvement I heard in clarity and bass.

Frankly, I have heard no speaker that gets anywhere near these speakers. I think the 1" diamond tweeter is a must for them, however.
>>10-19-10: Tbg
I also told Jorn that I thought any of his speakers would be greatly improved using the new StillPoints Ultimate SS feet.<<

I'm sure the designer/owner will take that advice with a grain of salt, especially from a person who was fired by a pair of ezines within a year for ethical and competence issues as a "reviewer".

Have heard all their models, on various occasions and different systems in the past 3 years.

To my ears, right now they are the best speaker out there. By best I mean more true to the source.

Happy Listening,

I would not discard the Sunrays, but I am quite satisfied with the Contriva Discera SEs.
My friend came to listen my Contriva Diacera SE yesterday, he said your speaker has no silky treble, you may need to use silver cable to improve it.

Three hours later, he came back from a live concert, he called me again, he told me my treble is so accurate, no problem at all. He admit he has used to the "colored" sound, he has to change his listening habit.
It's funny what you hear about this speaker, my friends tell me its tremble is too much! lol

It all depends on the associated equipment, thats about it!
Aygyro, exactly, Tidal is very neutral, my Ayre KX-R and MX-R should sound like that.
in munich last weekend the tidal sunray/constellation room
sounded like a labratory- cold, analytical, and no life.
the piano room was much better.
another speakers that use "special" "custom" accuton black drivers-surrountec.com.
Focalfan you obviously mean L-A-B-O-R-A-T-O-R-Y. I am sure that if you are used in Horns it would definitely sound like this. Can you please write ANY other post in this Forum except on Tidal threads? That does show you have a...maybe....financial loss from sales of Tidal Speakers...!?

argryo,"I am sure that if you are used in Horns it would ..." you mean used T-O horns". before you correct me ,correct your english first.
no financial loss from tidal. ever had them , never will.just don't see the big dealabout it.and now you wish to control who writes and who shouldn't? very sad for you....

you are right in your comments about the Constellation/Sunray room. It was boring. The Sunray is not the one to blame though. Unfortunatelly the new Constellation amplifiers need some improvement...

In the other hand, the Tidal Piano Cera was in my opinion the best sound in the show, beating speakers that cost ten times more.
Magico Q3,Mini2,V3, just my taste.Tial is a wonderful speaker as well with both you must use the best components as well.
Ebm, the V3 is the best of the Magico speakers in my opinion, but overpriced.
I like MAGICO MINI 2 very musical, coherent.Ill agree there overpriced Tidal is as well both great speakers.