The Mytek Brooklyn will not be isolated!

Hi all,

For fun I've purchased two reasonably well regarded USB isolators. They're not audio per se. One is recommended for medical type of isolation.

The issue I'm having is that in series to the Brooklyn, my streamer will not recognize it.  That is, the DAC appears disconnected.  The other DAC I have, a Topping DX3 Pro (or whatever) has no such issues. It works fine with an isolator.



I even got an advanced USB 3.0 capable isolator. No dice.

TBH: I had no particular problem. I was looking for an excuse to buy something, and wanted to know if it would improve anything.

So, this is not a life altering challenge. :)
If the total USB cable length exceeds two meters it could create problems with some dacs. Maybe that extra cable length is to blame.