The Greater Poughkeepsie Area

Just wondering if there are any audio clubs in this area, thanks alot

There is a very informal club-of sorts, we are trying to get the ball rolling though all of us so far tend to keep very busy and it is rare for more then a few of us to get together at once. We start in the Manhattan area and go up to Roterdam(a little south of saratoga), and a few imbetween. I know of about 3 others in the Kingston poughkeepsie area, one fellow has a cary based system(he's a member here but I have never spoke to him), Winoguy17 lives in Kingston- he and I have never met either but we email each other often, Lakefrontroad lives in the northern tip of westchester county and has worked with me and a few others the most to get the idea of a club going, Jrwr7 is in manhattan and is a recent addition to our little crew, I just got in contact with another fellow who is in the local area he like a few others up here lives in the Albany area(near me) his moniker is Upstateaudio(suiting), then there is me a hair south of albany and my friend who is not great with computers in Roterdam(he isn't a member here yet). Also can't forget to mention David99 out in Rochester though that isn't really local, and Tfta(toys from the attic) mario is in the westchester area as well but is VERY busy all of the time, Bear from Bear Labs lives in green county and seems like a true audiophile I just haven't had the time to get over to see/hear his rig(which does have me very interested-check it out on the virtual systems). I literally just found upstateaudio yesterday I sent him an email and he replied so later today I will try and get ahold of him via phone. Its sad that I can tell roughly where people live in the country by there zip code in the classifieds/auctions- pay attention you may see some more folks from your area that don't spend a lot of time at the forums. Hope that helps a little bit, ~Tim