The best band you've never heard of

I want to take the opportunity to turn you music lovers onto a band that's become one of my all-time favorites, The Asylum Street Spankers. I'm listening to their newest album, "Mercurial" right now after recieving it in the mail today and it's awesome. In fact I like all their albums. Their music could be broadly classified as Texas Swing, but with some unique twists and a great sense of humor. And for all of you sound quality purists, a quote from the liner notes of their new album:
"Some bands depend on the magic of the studio, and some bands can just play. The Asylum Street Spankers were fresh off the road when we set up at Mercury Hall to make this record. When you listen to "Mercurial" what you hear is a tour hardened band set up around a handful of vintage tube and ribbon microphones, recorded directly onto a 1959 Ampex 351 tube reel to reel recorder. Live to 2 track. No overdubs, no futzing around. Just great musicians recorded straight to tape."
Sound good? It sounds great! Go to their website and you can order this cd and you can also listen to an online recording of them doing "St. James Infirmary" that will give you an idea of what their about. Sorry to wax raphsodic, I can't help it, and no I'm not their publicist, just a fan. Happy Listening!
The best band I never heard of?
Well... crap... If never heard of them how do i know who it is? ;)
To all,
Just go to their website and order direct. The prices are reasonable, $15 per cd, and the money goes right to the band. Trust me they are really excellent, Slappy and Gunbei I know you guys like to poke fun, so do I, but seriously don't miss these guys (and girls).
Check out Ramsay Midwood. You can sample his stuff at:

Whiskey-drinkin' swamp music from Austin.

The Spankers are an Austin Band as well, must be something in the water, or the whisky, down there.
They are a great band, but I would not call them Texas Swing. That sounds like Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys, Asleep at the Wheel or maybe Spade Cooley. The Spankers music is closer to 1920's jazz; verging on jug band music (which I'm a big fan of). Great stuff and and very fun.

A'Goners will love their commitment to great sound. Whenever possible, they play totally acoustic. No sound system whatsoever. When they have to, they use a single vintage mike. One of their releases even starts with a plug for people listening to them on CD to buy more vinyl.

I saw them live a few months ago, and would caution that their live shows can be pretty risque. Lots of references to sex and drugs; something I hadn't remembered from seeing them a few years ago. For one song that was requested, they said they could only play it if a parent in the audience took his young daughter outside. After hearing the song (and almost falling off my chair with laughter), I fully understand why. And they had us cheer for the daugher when they re-entered the building. It was a very entertaining show.
If you are looking for jazz bands that are somewhat "off the beaten track" and good fun to listen to, check out the following three groups:
1. The Microscopic Sextet
2. Willem Breuker Collective
3. Dirty Dozen Brass Band
And, if you are willing to "stretch your ears" a little, listen to Jon Jang's Pan-Asian Arkestra.