Tell me about Thales TTT compact turntable

I am looking to buy a high resolution turntable which is not just hifi sounding but musically satisfying too. Budget is about $8-10k. I currently use a highly updated Loricraft Garrard 301. So in general I like music my direct, fluid and fun with saturated tone colours. I have shortlisted the Thales TTT compact turntable based on couple of casual listenings and also some reviews. However I am looking for some honest feedback from guys who have heard it in familiar setups. 

Please note, I am not going to use the Thales simplicity tonearm. I will rather use a Fidelity Research Fr64s or a Thomas Schick 9" tonearm. I listen to all kinds of music and also a lot of LPs from 60s and 70s era. My primary concern is, some have said it is a modern sounding TT. Sometimes it can mean that it wont do well with records of 60s and 70s or make them sound bleached. From my very casual listening it sounded rather very good with whatever was playing.

I have been recommended to get a Micro Seiki 5000 and settle down, but it is a difficult TT to track down so I am not going in that direction.

Some of my other considerations are:
Dr.Feickert Blackbird
STST Motus II direct drive TT

But it is the Thales that interests me most. 
No-one has ever mentioned it here, as far as I know..
Except me but only in relation to this set-up. I have not heard this turntable. Most people on Audiogon do not know European esoteric equipment well or at all. Don't ask them about Swedish tube amps or Spanish cables. Listening to this recording I did think that the table lacked drive to a degree but I may be wrong, you heard it.
Thales simplicity 11 and statement, are in my view, game changers. I have owned a fair amount of tonearms over the last 20yrs. Looking for that final purchase. Thales is it. Done! Nothing other then the walker or Schroeder LT compares to it. Masterfully constructed, beautifully designed and engineered. Everything is taken into consideration. No where else to go. Happy and finished searching.  *****
Whatthe, the OP explicitly stated he is interested in the Thales turntable only. He has no intention of purchasing a Thales tonearm.

Pani, if you love your Garrard, I think you’d prefer another idler or DD turntable over most belt-drives. And what’s a “modern sounding” turntable? 
It’s “Lew M”
But why is his lack of interest in a Thales tonearm a loss to the OP, and especially why is it a loss to me?

@pani did you ever get the Thales I just got the Simplicity II and will be mounted to a Dr Feickert blackbird 
No, I didnt get the Thales. It turns out that the tonearm is on the leaner side sonically. The TT is good but it is a bit of a pain to install a different tonearm on it because of its form factor. This confusion has kept me away.