Technics SL1200G vs GAE

After talking to some of our knowledgeable members here I am getting ready to get a SL1200G or a GAE. At the moment I have an offer for both of them. The price differential is also about $1200 (mere coincidence). I know that the GAE comes with a better arm and some additional isolation. I am not interested in the tonearm since I will most probably upgrade to a better one. But otherwise, is the GAE clearly a better TT and worth paying $1200 more ? I could use the $1200 towards a better tonearm. I also read a review of 1200G where the reviewer strongly suggested to isolate the TT well in order to get the expected performance. Now thats another area to look at. If the GAE is almost ready to plug n play without requiring much more isolation then it is an incentive for me. 

Can any forum member here throw some light on these aspects and probably help me in the buying decision ?
You might look into the notion that the tonearm on the GAE is "better".  If it's really better, then maybe you don't need to change the tonearm, and you will thereby "save" probably more than the $1200 difference between G and GAE.  That's where I would start.
The GAE is the same machine but with fancier cosmetics as it is the Anniversary Edition.
I was fancying putting something like a Fidelity Research Fr64s or a Reed the 1200G. 
Will either of those "fit" without modifying the mount? Which is to say do either of those two have the same pivot to spindle distance as the stock tonearm?  And will, particularly, the Reed mount over the hole in the arm board, since it is a surface mount type?
I will be send it to time-step to fix their linear power supply and upgrade the tonearm (if I change the tonearm). 
Will either of those "fit" without modifying the mount? Which is to say do either of those two have the same pivot to spindle distance as the stock tonearm? And will, particularly, the Reed mount over the hole in the arm board, since it is a surface mount type?
We've installed a 12" Triplanar on the GAE by fabricating an armboard that was not recessed. It worked out quite well.
There is no difference between the G and the GAE versions, same arm, same isolation.  I love my GAE, there is nothing wrong with the arm or the isolation on it.
Thanks guys for your responses. I have ordered a Technics 1200G and have sent it to time-step for their EVoke modification (except the SME 4 tonearm). Primarily they will change the SMPS power supply to a linear PSU that they have designed. Also the tonearm board will be replaced with a modular one so that I can change to any tonearm later just by getting the appropriate board. Time-Step PSU upgrade has already been recognised by the UK Technics dealers as a "worthy" upgrade and some of them actually demonstrate the 1200G in their stores with the time-step PSU. So, I am assuming it is a good move. My experience with SMPS in audio equipments has been always disappointing hence it was even more important that I get the time step PSU.

I did tinker about the idea of changing the tonearm but in the end I am sticking to the default tonearm. I want to take one step at a time so that I really know what upgrades I need and how they perform. I am not even sure what cartridge to pair this TT with.

This TT will go head to head against a Loricraft Garrard 301 with kokomo mk2 bearing and woodsong audio brakes. I use the Garrard with a monarchy audio AC regenerator. I don’t plan to keep 2 TTs. After the comparison I will have to sell one of them (even though I may want to keep both). The Garrard has a charm that is unmistakable and I will miss it if I sell it. It is just that Garrard is not a "complete" TT. It is only a great motor unit and everything around it (plinth, power supply, isolation etc) needs to be built/assembled. Each of these factors have their own financial overheads and bring their own signature to the final sound. By the time I nail it down to make it sound its best I would have spent well over $10k and numerous hours of listening tests. This is one exercise I would like to avoid as much as possible (even though I hear something really special with my Garrard). I have already got it to a level where it sounds very good. Beyond this I just want to listen to music without the itch to tweak around.

I really doubt the Technics 1200G can beat the Garrard comprehensively or even beat it in overall musicality. It is going to be a classic DD vs ID battle. Garrard has a fluidity and dynamic punch that is rare. In fact I have heard such dynamic punch only on biggies of the turntable world (Verdier, Kuzma, Walker etc). But some of those biggies don’t have the pace and timing of the Garrard. A good DD is supposed to have a lower noise floor, more extended, more refined without losing the pace and timing. Lets see, I will have to choose the compromise that allows me to remain more focussed on music than "sonic improvements". It is one reason I did not even think about waiting on the SP-10r. It will also get me into tweaking mode since it only comes as a motor unit.

BTW, I did consider a well sorted Krebs modified SP-10 mk2. But as per the suggestions here on audiogon, the 1200G is at least in the same league so I chose it over the SP-10 mk2.

I will report back when I get to listen to the TT in my system. It will probably take another 2-3 weeks by the time it is here.
^^ if you can set the SL-1200 up with the same arm/cartridge combo as the Garrard, and also set it up with the same platter pad (the stock Technics platter pad is a no-go IMO) then I think you will find that it has no troubles keeping up with the Garrard.

Have fun!
Why buy it if you are going to do all of this crap to it? Also why buy it if it will not perform better than your already owned Garrard?
@pani ,

You are over thinking this way too much.  Ralph (atmasphere) modded my SL1200G with a Triplanar Classic SE tonearm. Also, at his advice, I changed out the stock mat with an Oracle Hard Acrylic mat and also use a 315gr HRS record weight after talking with Bill Voss of Technics.

I also have a Kuzma TT with a 12" VTA arm. The Technics / Triplanar rig is better. 

I like having 2 TTs. DD and BD. Different turntables, tonearms, cartridges. Gives me just that little bit of change that I seem to want. No need for changing out cartridges very often, unless you like doing it.

Get the Technics 1200G; No need for cosmetics over SQ. 

Unless I hit a large lottery, the Technics and Kuzma will be my last TTs.