Synergistic Research Atmosphere level 1 or ????

i have pretty much convinced myself to purchase the synergistic research atmosphere level 1 speaker and interconnect cables. these are at the cable company. $519 for the interconnects and $579. for the speaker cable. what I don't know is what to compare them to before I purchase. let us stop this wheel of cables! I use a rogue stereo 90 super magnum with a shrimp pre and a musical fidelity m1 transport with a wadia 121 DAC. Vandersteen 2 signature speakers.
I suggest you ask the Cable Company for advice and use their lending library.
If you have convinced yourself to buy them without listening to them, don't let us stop you. Buy them, you will probably like them. Even more likely to like them if you do not compare them to anything else.
Buy them, don't compare them to anything else, then the cable wheel stops right there. The cable wheel only turns if you let it. ;^)
Both the level1 interconnects and speaker cable are very good values. I would suggest that you move up to the level 2 UEF interconnects for about $300 more per pair. A significant step up in performance. It is much quieter than the level 1.

Keep you eyes out for promotions by the cable company when these cables are discounted.